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About Mumtaz Immigration

Mumtaz Immigration Services is a law firm based in Karachi, Pakistan that was founded in 1983 by Mumtaz Ahmed Shaikh. The main website deals with their primary services which include insurance, family and finance law, which means that they are not solely dedicated to immigration. If you click on"immigration lawyer" on the home page menu, you'll be sent to the immigration part of the website. This can be a little confusing, as this part of the website looks completely different. Under immigration, Mumtaz Immigration claims to provide immigration services to Australia, Canada, the U.S., Austria, the UK, Europe, Malaysia, and Denmark. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of their company being registered with any regulatory board for any of these countries.

The Website

In this review, we are going to focus primarily on the immigration section of Mumtaz's website. While easy to navigate, it does not look very professional and is a little chaotic, especially for mobile users. The Canada immigration section seemingly offers information on the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Family Sponsorship, and the Provincial Nominee Program however when you click on the link there is an error. This part of the website also gives no indication who handles the immigration, and no lawyers are mentioned in this part of the site. We did note that the main part of their website does list their law team, but this is confusing as there is no way to directly access this information from the immigration services page, and can give the impression that this information is not available. It is also not clear if these lawyers are even involved with the immigration part of the firm at all. For those looking to go to Canada, their content on Canadian Visas is non-existent at the moment and surprisingly doesn’t mention the most popular immigration stream, the Express Entry system. The links are broken when trying to get immigration information from the home page. When clicking on the “Canada” link, some categories such as “Work Visa” states “coming soon...” while others seem to have links that work however contains minimal information. No listed dedicated immigration professionals, plus the lack of correct content means one should be skeptical of the level of services provided by them. Another concerning point is the number of countries they claim to do immigration to. In order to provide immigration services to so many countries, they would require a very large team of immigration professionals and is often used as a tactic to look more impressive, but comes at the cost of ineffective services. There is no terms and conditions, privacy policy or refund policy nor is the website secure, which is concerning as it leaves users vulnerable to third party hackers. They seem to have a few awards, including legal Awards Winners in 2009 however there are no recent accolades for us to look at. The website has a “Terms of Engagement” page which does not really clarify much, which is strange for a legal firm, as one would expect an in-depth document. There is no mention of privacy or refunds, however, they seem to be very evasive regarding fee amount and state that payments are due within 30 days and that should the engagement be terminated, clients are still required to pay for services up until the point of termination. This did not leave us comfortable with using or recommend their services unfortunately as it seems that great lengths have been taken to cover the firm and not the client.

Social Media

There are social media links on the website for Mumtaz Immigration Services for both Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page was created in 2011 and has 3,227 likes. There are regular posts on the page and the posts are relevant to immigration and studying abroad. It is worth noting that there is a post that tells people that their Lahore office has been closed since 2012. However, their website still lists an address for the Lahore office. The Twitter account is a complete waste of time with only 3 followers and 2 tweets. We would recommend removing this social media platform from the website if it is not going to be utilized as this has a poor reflection on the company.


Unfortunately, the errors in the immigration side of their website leave little reason to remain confident in their services, both legal and for immigration. There are also no testimonials for Mumtaz Immigration Services, but considering the lack of effort that has been put into their website, we are not surprised. We would advise staying far away from Mumtaz Immigration Services and Mumtaz & Associates. Have you have dealt with Mumtaz Immigration Services? Tell us about your experience in the reviews section below.