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About Monarch Consulting

Monarch Consulting is a ‘full service’ immigration firm operating out of Edmonton, Canada. Monarch Consulting offers assistance to individuals and companies from all around the world, who wish to live and work in Canada. Natasha Thompson is the founder of Monarch Consulting and held a position as a long-standing Member of Parliament before venturing into immigration. Natasha has extensive knowledge of immigration matters, is fluent in both French and English and has obtained her ICCRC license to practice as an immigration consultant. Andrea Temix is a member in good standing with the ICCRC for Monarch Immigration.

Website & Services

Monarch Consulting has a visually pleasing website and its clean and professional design will surely make clients feel safe. The website contains informative content which is well written, to the point and easy to understand. The website has a news update sidebar, however, we found this tab to be hopelessly outdated. The website does not have a Privacy Policy nor a Terms and Conditions document. These are two vital documents when dealing with immigration. We quite liked their FAQ tab, the page containing in-depth information on a range of different topics. The imagery and icons that have been used add just enough playfulness to keep visitors captivated.  The website also provides clients with an option to drop any questions they may still have after exploring the website. The services Monarch Consulting has to offer includes; Skilled Workers & Specialized Labor, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nomination, Business Class and Self Employed, Family Class Sponsorships, Study Permits, Temporary Work Permits, Visitors Visas, Extension of Status in Canada, Humanitarian Cases, Citizenship Application, Permanent Resident Card Application, Interview Preparation, Commissioner of Oaths. Also included in their services is; a legal submission letter and an application package.

Social Media & Online Review


Monarch Consulting has a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account. Starting with their Facebook page, the page doesn’t have much of a following and is not updated regularly, which is how social media thrives with regular updates. Most of their posts seem to be linked to news articles. Their YouTube channel has over 20 years of posts, all of which was uploaded five years ago or before that. Monarch’s Twitter profile to has a small following with irregular posts and not much interaction happening. Overall, the company doesn’t have a great online presence but this could be fixed with more attention given to their social media accounts.



We’re mildly satisfied with what we have seen on Monarch Consulting. The company thus far has given us no reason to doubt their legitimacy nor question their credibility. Monarch Consulting makes for a good option for handling your immigration matters.