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About MigraCon Immigration

MigraCon is an immigration consultancy agency that specializes in Canadian immigration and education advisory services to its clients all over the world and their head office is based in Mississauga, Canada and the second branch in Pakistan. They offer services in many countries throughout the world to those aspiring to immigrate to Canada. Their website goes on to state that most of their clients are mainly from, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia who are seeking immigration consulting services as well as education advisory in Canadian universities and colleges. MigraCon is headed by Tahir Rahman who is the president and CEO of the firm. In their, About Us page, the website mentions that Mr. Rahman is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is a member in good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). However, the website did not provide Mr. Rahman’s Consultant Identification number, we managed to do research and found his RCIC number – R417543. In addition to the Tahir holds an MBA and a BSC (Hons) among other educational qualifications. According to their website, Tahir graduated with honors from the Immigration Consultant Program from Humber College in Toronto, Canada. He is well versed with Canadian immigration law and has a deep understanding of the Canadian business culture and the job market.

Website and Services

The website for MigraCon is well designed and user-friendly as well as, we are pleased to report, being secure, which means that users can rest assured that they are less likely to fall victim to third party hackers by using the website. MigraCon specializes in Canadian immigration and the provision of education services to clients who want to study in Canada. MigraCon also has a list of their affiliation clearly displayed on their website and this is very commendable as this gives confidence to clients. Unfortunately, we could not find a Terms and Conditions, Privacy or Refund Policy Page which is low on content and vital information as it explains the client’s rights when using the website. The services offered by MigraCon include:
  • Express Entry
  • Business Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Work permits
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Visitors Visas
  • Study Visas

The website offers a substantial amount of information regarding each immigration programs and Canadian visa including the process however there is a lot of information missing, for example, it only mentions 3 out of the 11 Provincial Nominee Programs available. An online assessment is offered and seems to be categorized into student, workers and business programs. The website also has a News & Blog section which unfortunately only has 5 posts and was last updated in January. The website also has a testimonial section however we do not pay too much attention to this as it is generally very selective and always only contains positive reviews.

Social Media and Reviews

MigraCon has a fairly visible presence on social media with a Facebook and Twitter pages available. The Facebook page, in particular, is very active with regular updates and posts concerning Canadian immigration, but with just a little over 3,000 likes, MigraCon still has a long way to reach out to their clients and potential clients alike. The reviews page is enabled, which we like, and is mostly positive with good response time. The Twitter page, on the other hand, is completely hopeless, with just 8 tweets and 34 followers. The most recent of those posts was posted in 2013, and that in itself tells the whole story. The Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn link on the website homepage does not work and simply links back to the homepage. We appear to be the only review website to have done a detailed review on MigraCon, however, we managed to find a few Google reviews, of which most were positive except for one in particular which stated that the service was poor and that they were not properly informed of all the immigration programs.


Even though MigraCon website is just above average, the company has a lot of potentials to improve in many aspects. We can, however, confirm that MigraCon has a regulated ICCRC member and are therefore legally able to assist you in whatever your immigration needs might be. The social media presence is suitable as far as Facebook goes but there is definitely room for improvement regarding Twitter. We like that the website is secure and that there is a privacy policy, although it is not placed in an accessible location on the site, however, we are concerned that there isn’t a Terms and Conditions or a Refund policy available to their clients. We cannot elaborate any further as they have not presented us with enough information. Overall the company does appear to be legitimate and have given us no reason to doubt their credibility.