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About Mercan Capital Immigration Consulting Firm 

Mercan Capital is a recruitment and immigration consultancy firm in Canada, with “highly experienced” staff. Mercan Capital claims to have licensed consultants, lawyers, and accountants but fails to mention them on their website. They are, however, recognized on the official ICCRC website as Mercan Capital and have 7 regulated ICCRC members.

Website & Services

Mercan Capital has a minimalistic approach to the design of their website.The website may have everything clearly set out, but it is not the easiest website to navigate. They do not have a Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions page available for perusal on their website. There is too much going on but simultaneously they are lacking greatly in content, often failing to answer important immigration questions. Answers They have a great display of services such as; a Free Eligibility Assessment, Program Selection, Documentation Preparation and Submission, Practical Advice and others. Under the permanent residence economic class option, they offer services in the following; Canadian Experience Class, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and some others. For Permanent Residence Family Class they offer services in; Spousal Sponsorship, Sponsorship of Dependent Children and Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents. In their temporary residence category, they offer; LMIA-based work permits, Post-Grad Work Permit, Off-Campus Work Permit, Study Permit and Extension of Study Permit, Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents. They also offer assistance in PR Card applications and Citizenship applications.

Social Media & Online Review

Mercan Capital has Facebook and Twitter profiles. Their Facebook page has over 79 000 likes and over 600 Facebook reviews. The reviews are a mixture of high praises for the company and services received as well as individuals seeking visas and jobs. This profile is updated regularly and receives a fair amount of likes and shares. The majority of their posts consist of news posts, and their Twitter page appears to have a similar approach.


Mercan Capital appears to offer good products and services, though we would just like to see a better representation of them in the future. Based on everything we have seen, we can affirm that Mercan Capital is a regulated ICCRC representative and could be an option in your immigration venture. As always, we would advise proceeding with caution and do thorough research on your own too.