Agency Reviews


About Matrixvisa Inc.

Matrixvisa Inc. was started in 2001 by Cobus (Jacobus) Kriek. It is a self-described “Boutique International Recruitment and Canadian Immigration Firm”. Cobus is also the managing director for Matrixvisa and graduated from Stellenbosch University in 1989 and then completed his post-graduate studies in immigration law in 2001 in Canada. Cobus is registered with the ICCRC and is in good standing with the organization. His RCIC number is R413711 and he has been practicing immigration law for over 17 years. The company specializes in work permits, permanent residence and citizenship, entrepreneur and investor visas, study permits and visitor visas. The company is based in Vancouver, Johannesburg, Toronto and Calgary as well as in Manitoba and Saskatchewan(with numbers only).

The Website and Services

The website for Matrixvisa Inc. is secure, modern and easy to use. The language used on the website is quite poor as there are a lot of grammatical errors. The images used on the website are very beautiful and the information provided on the website for Matrixvisa seems is in-depth however only delves into the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, Provincial Nominee Class and Canada Experience Class Programs. Matrixvisa is an immigration law firm and a recruitment agency but once again there is no information about how Matrixvisa can help you with these processes. They do however have an A-Z page offering information regarding general day to day information about life in Canada. On the “Vacancies” page, there are recent job listing posted, the most recent of which was uploaded on August 22, 2019. There is also a news page that has posts containing relevant information about all topics regarding Canada, including immigration, the economy, and fun facts. The downside is that there are only 5 posts. The “Newsletters” seem to have more content and recent and regular updates. Although this can be improved slightly we feel that the “Current News” section is redundant. They offer an initial online assessment which is a downloadable in-depth questionnaire and is quite impressive compared to other assessment offered online. It also offers immigration consultation which is available by appointment only. The Disclaimer page has very little content on it. Matrixvisa Inc. has no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy. 

Social Media

The social media presence for Matrixvisa Inc. is also quite poor. There are no links to social media platforms on the website itself however we did find a Facebook page that has a respectable 2,025 likes. The last post was on the 28th of August and contains a mix of job openings and immigration content. The reviews page is filled with positive reviews however is only recommended by 17 people. Their Twitter account is rather dismal an only has 45 followers and a total of 107 tweets since it was created in 2015. The last post dates back to June 25, 2019. The LinkedIn page has 200 followers however no posts on its feed. We could not find an Instagram or a Youtube channel.


Overall we think that MatrixVisa is able to process immigration and visa services mentioned on their website due to the fact that they have an RCIC in good standing with the ICCRC. Even though there are no client testimonials on the website or online, there are no bad testimonials. This is always a good sign. We like that Cobus and the Matrixvisa Inc. team has photos on the website, especially the addition of Maksie, his dog, who takes care of office moral support. There is a lot of effort that has gone into the website and the information is helpful however can go into more depth regarding the 70+ programs and visas available to their clients. There are however some improvements that can be made, such as improving their overall social media presence and adding terms and conditions, privacy and refund policy.