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About Marg Holding

Marg Holding is based in the kingdom of Bahrain. Marg Holding Co. claims to be an investment company which specializes in helping others realize their dream of immigrating to Canada.’ According to their website, Marg Holding Co. is registered in the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain. They further go on to say that they are registered in Canada, Ontario & USA, Illinois. Marg Holding Co. allegedly offers legal immigration services to Canada, USA, UK, and EU, which includes immigration appeals, immigration applications, study & tourist visa, and citizenship applications. Other than the information mentioned above, there is little else that gives away who we are dealing with. The site has an ICCRC seal, however, when we did an RCIC search for them, we came up with nothing. They do not mention who handles their services, let alone who their legal representative is. So who exactly are they?

The Website

The site is simple and user-friendly, although is seriously lacking not only in the content department but also in information-wise. Marg Holding Co. has no privacy policy, terms, and conditions or refunds policy present. What we also found odd was the use of poor English on this site. There is also no blog and the site is not secure, which is not recommended when offering services that require online payment. This and the vague immigration information and lack of information about RCIC consultants leave us feeling less than comfortable about using their services.


Under their ‘Our Services’ tab, they state: “Marg-holding” Co. S.P.C. provides, as its primary business, Canadian immigration consulting services in every category available to you. Whether you are an employer, worker, immigrant, or student, MHI will provide professional advice, and comprehensive facilitation of your application process to move to Canada”. If Canadian immigration is the primary business, what exactly is the second one? They make mention of a whole range of other services like imports, exports, and general trading. What exactly are they trading in? With regard to the ‘primary business’, Marg Holding claims to offer a range of Canadian immigration programs which include citizenship, studying opportunities, work opportunities, and tourism prospects. Under their ‘Immigration to Canada’ tab, they claim to “help you find out which immigration program is better suited to your situation” with a free evaluation.

Marg Holding Co. gives a vague explanation of all the different visa programs that one could apply for when looking to immigrate to Canada. A positive is that they claim to offer a free eligibility assessment. However we then strangely move over to a separate tab named “Dominica” offering assistance in acquiring dual citizenship with the ‘41st strongest’ passport in the world. This is a strange and unimpressive statistic to mention. Under the ‘study abroad’ tab they offer to help ‘find the best option to study abroad’, however not much else is said about acquiring a study permit. Destinations listed include Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Cape Town, and Malaysia.


Social Media

This site claims to have a social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Their Facebook presence is substantial, with about 13,040 followers and regular posts, with the last post dated back to August 2019. The online reviews are mixed, both positive and negative in nature with regards to their services. Their twitter presence is not very impressed with, 106 followers and 57 tweets. LinkedIn is marginally better with 2,149 followers, good response time to comments and inquiries as well as regular posts to their timeline. The Pinterest page, however, is baffling, with no followers or posts. Why include this on your site if it is not being utilized?


Taking the above-mentioned points into account, we could not comfortably recommend this service as there just isn’t enough substantial information provided to support their claims or prove credibility. More than anything, we always recommend using services that have a secure website and most importantly, offer services from accredited RCICs in good standing with the ICCRC.