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About Maple Education Canada

To begin our Maple Education Canada Inc. Review, we start with the company’s origin. The company was started up in 2004, by its founder, Ebibomo Obaro. She opened the company to help Nigerian parents enroll their children as international students in Canada. The company has grown since then, and Mrs. Obaro now runs four companies located in:

  • Fort John & British Columbia, Canada;
  • Port Harcourt, Nigeria;
  • Abuja, Nigeria;
  • Lagos, Nigeria

One of her company’s goals is to provide quality immigration services with high success rates for her clients.


The website has a very simple and basic layout that makes it easy to use. The home/landing page is our favorite as it automatically distinguishes itself from other immigration websites by using a simple animated graphic and stating their main service with an option to “study in” or “migrate to” Canada. We love this as you are directed to the page you are looking for off the bat. Maple Education Canada’s website contains understandable, general information about life in Canada and the education system. It also includes a blog page about relevant student information that users may be interested in. The company also has many affiliated education institutions, all of which are listed on their website. This list includes high schools and tertiary institutions. We did notice that her website is missing Terms and Conditions, a Refund Policy and Privacy Policy. This is worrying since these documents help to protect both the user and the company from unethical practices.


Maple Education Canada offers Canadian immigration services for students. They list their services as:

  • Visa and immigration visa applications;
  • Admission processing;
  • Academic counseling;
  • Flight booking and chaperoning;
  • Orientation and group tours of campuses;
  • Student supervision;
  • Scholarship applications;
  • Document renewals

 They also offer visitor visas. The information regarding immigration programs are rather vague and more information could be supplied as a first-time immigration applicants would not walk away much the wiser. Strangely, they have not supplied any information about Canada’s most popular immigration system, the Express Entry system nor is there any information on the 11 provincial nominee programs.

Do They Have RCICs?

Maple Education Canada has three RCICs. The founder and manager, Ebi Obaro, R416647, is the first and Country Manager Tukeni Obasi, R510504 is the second. Panebi Oboh is the third immigration consultant that is used by Maple Education Canada Inc. Her RCIC number is R510503he is a member of the CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants). This is great news as it means that the company is regulated by the ICCRC. We do wish, however, that we didn’t have search for these credentials ourselves as their registration numbers were not given, nor were they even stated that they are RCICs. They are simply referred to as immigration consultants.

Social Media


Next, in our Maple Education Canada Inc Review, we take a look at the company’s presence on social media, starting with their Facebook account. The company has a modest following of 20,062 and appears to be very responsive to messages posted on this platform. Maple Education also regularly posts relevant content, although these mostly seem to be promotional material rather than actual news posts. We noticed that they have disabled their review page, so users cannot comment about the quality of the company’s services which is a shame. In terms of their social media presence on Twitter, Maple Education has a very small following of 20. They do not post regularly on this social media platform and seem to have neglected it for around 2 years since the last tweet. The information they share is also mainly promotional and has less to do with immigration information. Their Instagram account hs 3,381 followers and the posts seem to be the same as those on Facebook with average user interaction to them.


To end off our Maple Education Canada Inc Review, we are happy to report that they use Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. The three consultants we found on the company’s website can legally practice Canadian immigration law. We found their website to be very simple and straightforward. However, the missing Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Refund Policy worry us. In terms of Maple Education’s social media presence, we liked the number of followers they have on Facebook, but we were somewhat disappointed with the content they share. The fact that they have not posted in over two years on their Twitter account we also found upsetting. We did not find any complaints or positive reviews on their social media, besides one post on Instagram. Overall, the company seems to have a good relationship with its clients. If you have had a good or bad experience with this company please leave a review below, we want to hear from you!