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About Maks Bela International

MAKS BELA International is located in Chennai. It is run by Mr. Muthukumaran and Mrs. Akali Muthukumaran. Their entire website is filled with grammar and spelling mistakes making it near impossible to understand what they are talking about. Frankly, the way their website is designed makes it even more confusing to figure out what they do apart from the numerous writing errors. Many of the links direct to the same pages and some of the links do nothing when you click on them. MAKS BELA provide a seemingly endless list of services, including immigration, study abroad, IELTS coaching, bank loan assistance, post landing services, student counseling, TOEFL training, Nurse Exam coaching, SAT training and so much more! We think that the company is more focused on IELTS coaching than Canadian immigration. However, seeing as we review Canadian immigration companies, we will be focusing on those services they offer in our MAKS BELA International review.

Website and Services

We could not find a Terms and Conditions or privacy policy document anywhere on their site. These documents are really important for clients to help them understand how the company operates and handles their personal information. There is no clarity on their website and no documents to set your mind at ease. MAKS BELA needs to be clear about their services if they expect anyone to trust them. MAKS BELA has a page dedicated to “Immigration Canada” where they discuss what they offer prospective immigrants. One of these services is free initial counseling on Canada visa processing but we aren’t really sure what that entails. It doesn’t seem to include an immigration assessment because evaluations are listed separately on their website. So perhaps it’s only there to clarify some issues you may have with the immigration process? They provide what we assume is paid for evaluations that determine your eligibility for immigration done by “Evaluation Experts”. Unfortunately, we could not find any Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) linked to the company on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s website. The company states that they hire the services of independent RCICs but seeing as they do not make clear mention of who these people are, we found it difficult to trust their word for it. We advise them to be upfront with who they employ so that customers can check if they are actually registered with the council. They also provide the following range of services for Canada:
  • Canada Permanent Resident Visa;
  • Canada Study Visa;
  • Canada Dependent Visa;
  • Canada Temporary Work Visa; and
  • Canada Visit Visa


We cannot recommend this company for your Canadian immigration application. It’s not that we think they are scammers, it’s that we find their company disorganized and their services confusing. Even if they are mainly an IELTS academy, the poor use of English on their website does not make us trust them with an immigration application or an English lesson for that matter. MAKS BELA offers so many services to potential customers but they aren’t explained properly. Canadian immigration involves Canadian immigration law which uses very precise language. If a company is so bad at writing and editing, how can they adhere to the strict nature of law? Did you like our MAKS BELA International review? Let us know if you have had any experience with the company leave us a review below.