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About Mahavir Consulting


Mahavir Consulting claims to have been around since 2010. They have offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. They say they offer immigration assistance to Canada. On their website, Mahavir Consultants claim to offers a wide range of immigration and consultancy services with a team of specialized consultants and multilingual supporting staff. They also mention that they have a network of representatives in different parts of India, which ensures access to clients all the time. They conclude with the bold statement that they are the first immigration visa consultants in Ahmedabad to bring a revolution in the Québec Investor Immigration Program. Mahavir Consultants is owned by Narendra J Shah (Chartered Accountant – F.C.A.) who is assisted by his son Yesh N Shah. Yesh is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (R418863) and the company claims that he is the only one in Mumbai as per the ICCRC list of members. We checked this on the website and it all seems to check out.

Website and Services

The website design is clean and user friendly, however the content itself is very basic and provides very little information about any immigration programs they offer. Leaving users with more questions than answers. They do, however, mention that they provide the following Canadian immigration services albeit with very little information:

  • Express Entry;
  • Family Sponsorship Visa;
  • Quebec Skilled Worker;
  • Quebec Investor Program;
  • Visitor Visa; and
  • Student Visa

The company also offers IELTS training and free pre-departure services in order to “facilitate a smooth transition” for their clients. There is a testimonials page, however it is clear that only the positive reviews have been selected and there's no way to confirm their validity. What we find strange is that there is no mention of the Provincial nominee Program, which is an important part of the Canadian immigration system as it allows those who don’t qualify for the Express Entry system to apply for in demand occupations if they have a job offer. Something else that is concerning is that the website is not secure, leaving clients’ personal data open to third party hackers. There is also no terms and conditions, privacy or refund policy on the page, which we feel is extremely important for a paid immigration service. The blog strangely has one lonely post about failed CA examination attempts. We think this can be vastly improved, especially since the website itself is lacking in immigration content.


Social Media


Next, our Mahavir Consulting Review took a look at their social media. The Facebook page for Mahavir Consultants is good, they have close to 10,000 likes and the page is updated with Canadian immigration news. There is, however, little to no interaction with their followers and the last post dates to April 3. They also have a Twitter page, which sadly only has 21 followers and is also updated with Canadian immigration news but the last post seemed to be posted in March 2019. The people and organizations followed on the Twitter page are all related to Canada in some way. Overall the social media presence for Mahavir Consulting is quite good but could use further improvement, especially in terms of customer interactions. In terms of reviews, Mahavir Consultants have a Facebook review rating of 4.9 stars, which really doesn't say much but is still impressive nonetheless. Most of them are from happy clients who had a lot of positive things to say about Mahavir and especially Yesh Shah, the RCIC.



To conclude, in our Mahavir Consulting Review, the website though it is user-friendly and easy to navigate, the site itself has little useful information. Mahavir has not gone out of their way to show users why they should be chosen as a consultant. They can do better in that regard. All in all, Mahavir seem to be a legitimate Canadian immigration consultant with a regulated RCIC on their books. Have you had any experience with Mahavir Consulting? Tell us your story!