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About M&G Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants

M&G Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants are an international organization that works closely with a team of licensed immigration lawyers based in Ontario, Canada. M&G claims to have been in the immigration business for the last ten years and are associated with Mathew & Gupta Barristers and Solicitors, a law firm based in Toronto, Canada. According to their website, M&G Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants have offices in India, Australia, and Canada. The organization is headed by Mr. Justin Mathew, who together with his sister Judy Mathew founded M&G in India. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Calicut University, Kerala and worked at MNC Emplifi Corporation as a Business Consultant in Pittsburgh, USA. Judy Mathew is a licensed lawyer practicing in Canada and is a partner at the law firm Mathew & Gupta, Barristers and Solicitors based in Toronto. The third member of the team is Arvin Ashley Gupta, who is also a licensed lawyer and a partner at Mathew & Gupta, Barristers, and Solicitors. M&G Immigration Consultants are specialized in offering visa service for immigration to countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, they also assist in student visa applications to countries such as Ireland, UK, Canada, and France just to mention a few.

Website and Services


The website of M&G is professionally laid out and contains an extensive amount of information. However, because there is so much content, it becomes difficult to navigate and find the information you are actually looking for. M&G claim to provide immigration services such as:

  • Express Entry
  • Business Immigration
  • Student visa
  • IELTS coaching


For student visa applications M&G also provides other additional services such as Course and college selection, and orientation sessions.

Social Media & Online Review

Links to the social media platforms are clearly seen in the right-hand corner of the M&G website. They are quite active on their Facebook page and have a substantial following of over 40,000 people. Their response to comments on their Facebook is not that good and they could definitely become more responsive. They have tried to expand their social media presence across a multitude of platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.


M&G Immigration and Study Abroad Consultants have not given us any reason to doubt their legitimacy and credibility, and have a really strong appeal in the industry. They seem very capable and are a good option to entrust with handling your immigration matters.