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About KP Immigration Services

KP Immigration is situated in Mississauga, Canada. It has a registered RCIC number of #R20054. It is headed up by Renu Kulshrestha who is the CEO and founder of the company. KP Immigration Services claims to offer services under the skilled worker, business class, family visa and study permits for students. The business also says that besides providing visa options, they also help with certain services before arrive and after you arrive in Canada.

Website and Services


Our Canadian Immigration Services Review KP Immigration then takes a look at the website for KP Immigration Services, which looks fairly professional in the beginning, although there are issues with the links for their social media and email icons. It does help that the business does mention the services and visa programs it offers, unfortunately, it does not go into detail about how the whole application process works. The website is also missing some key elements like a Privacy Policy, T&Cs and a Refund Policy, which does make the site seem less professional. These documents are needed to help tell users their rights when they use the website and its services. The website also does not have another element, a blog. There is no mention of new immigration news, or how KP Immigration Services intend to keep up to date with the latest immigration policies. There are a few spelling errors on the website, but the content is still easy to read. It is a pity that KP Immigration Services does not mention any other companies, or immigration law firms that it may be associated with. Additionally KP Immigration Services claims to offer a variety of services, from pre-arrival and post-arrival to Canada like:

  • Giving a free assessment
  • Finding accommodation
  • Opening a bank account
  •  Getting an ID
  • Helping your child with schooling

They also claim to help you with visa programs in the following categories:

  • Skilled worker
  • Business-class
  • Family visa
  • Study permit

Social Media

As noted before, the links to the social media platforms of KP Immigration on the website appears to be broken and lead to empty pages. This is not only concerning, but also misleading. This definitely needs to be looked into by the company.


KP Immigration Services looks to be an average website. It does help that there appears to be an accredited RCIC in the company, although there is no mention of other RCICs or immigration lawyers involved in the business. The site’s online presence is not the best way to judge whether it can be seen as trustworthy, because of its apparent lack of media platforms. The fact that there are no policies in place to either refund or protect a client’s privacy does not help. Due to the lack of information in our Canadian Immigration Services Review of KP Immigration, we cannot fully confirm whether this is a trustworthy immigration service to use.