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About Khaira Immigration & Citizenship

Focusing exclusively on Canadian Immigration, Khaira Immigration & Citizenship may be fairly new in the industry (Est. 2012), however, they’ve created a “legacy of excellence” with over 30 years of combined experience. Khaira Immigration & Citizenship is head up by a senior advisor, Darshan Khaira, as well as his daughter, Devinder Dhillon. Devinder Dhillon is currently the company’s RCICC member as Mr. Darshan Khaira is now a retired immigration officer.

Website & Services
Khaira Immigration’s website is exquisite. With high-quality pictures, and modern design and theme, we were more than impressed by this website. It’s a simple yet sleek approach sends a clear message that this company means business. Khaira Immigration’s website speaks volumes of who they are and what they stand for. Apart from assisting clients through the complicated process of immigration applications, other services they offer include; immigration consulting, services in preparing and submitting applications, express entry, provincial nomination, student, work and visitor visas, citizenship, sponsorship & super visa. They’re also authorized to administer oaths or take affidavits, as they are Commissioners of Oaths. Upon further inspection of Khaira Immigration’s website, it is made clear that they’re lacking greatly in content. Consisting of only three tabs and short descriptions, this is not enough for website rendering services, especially in this industry. With this being said, we could not find any Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages, two documents of incredible importance.


Social Media & Online Review

Khaira Immigration & Citizenship has Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Their Facebook profile is loaded with content and they boast5 5-star Facebook reviews, however, none of these contain written feedback. Khaira Immigration’s LinkedIn profile is informative and well resourced. Their social media could do with a lot more attention and effort, with constant posts and activity, there is a lot of potentials for visitors to be driven to their official website.


Khaira Immigration & Citizenship seems to be well equipped and well-resourced enough to thoroughly assist you with your applications and to fully represent you to officials in the best way possible. With over 30 years of combined immigration experience, it is clear that they possess the skills and knowledge to point clients in the right direction. We would like to see in the future, their terms and conditions and privacy policy documents, on their website. We confirm that Khaira Immigration & Citizenship is legally and lawfully able to handle your immigration needs, and we are given no reason to doubt their legitimacy.