Agency Reviews


About Jubeerich Consultancy

This Indian based company was founded in 1999 and offers solutions to those who wish to study, work and settle in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany to name a few. They claim to have over 22 years experience in “educational excellence”. Its corporate office is in Cochin, with 7 other branches. Their focus is on those wishing to study abroad, promising to offer ‘detailed assistance on admission procedures and visa guidance for students and professionals to study, work or migrate’ through registered and authorized lawyers. Who are these registered and authorized individuals? Your guess is as good as ours. They have provided a list of their board members, but there is no way for us to validate the above mentioned claims about them being regulated and authorized. There is no mention of an RCIC agent either.

The Website

Firstly, the look and feel of this website is great. It is well designed and has an interactive feel without being distracting and it is easy to navigate. We also like that the website is secure, which gives us peace of mind that sensitive information entered on the site will not be vulnerable to third party hackers. As previously mentioned, they seem to be solely focused on those looking to study abroad. The countries that they offer include Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Their site has no terms & conditions or privacy policy but they do seem to have other interesting features on the site such as a photo/video gallery and tons of information about the countries you may like to consider studying in.

The Services

What is it that they actually do? That part is unclear. What we were able to understand from the site is that they do have a team of professionals who assist and facilitate the immigration process, but they make no mention of assisting with obtaining a visa. What they do say is that they are 100% transparent in student admission and visa processing. How do they process a visa if all they do is provide general information about applying for a visa? They also make no mention of any RCICs or immigration lawyers which we are concerned about as these are the only professionals legally allowed to assist with the Canadian immigration or visa application process.

Social Media

Jubeerich Consultancy’s social media pages are well saturated with regularly updated content – even though some of it is irrelevant. They have an active Facebook account, with 5,698 followers, which is updated regularly with relevant posts however the user interaction is minimal in comparison to their following. We are also concerned that they have deactivated their reviews page. Their Twitter account is not updated regularly enough and only has 9 followers and 32 tweets posted in over a year. The Instagram account only has 174 followers and has the exact same posts as Facebook and once again does not get much interaction from their followers. The YouTube channel has a total of 6 videos and 32 subscribers and unfortunately has not ad that many views except for an advert entitled “ Empower Yourself”. Their LinkedIn page seems relatively new as it has 55 followers however no posts. Upon further investigation of this consultant agency, we found that Jubeerich was involved in a media scandal in 2012. It was reported that Jubeerich used the image of a murdered US university student body president for advertising on billboards to advertise study opportunities and job placements. There have, however, not been any other scandals since then and their recent Google reviews seem to be mostly positive with an average 4,7 stars.


This site’s online reputation does not betray any dishonesty but we do feel that they are being deliberately vague about who they are and what it is that they actually do. As far as immigration consultancy goes, we would prefer to know more about who handles the affairs, whether they are qualified by the correct boards and most importantly, whether we are able to trust them with our personal details.