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About Joel E. Tencer

Joel E. Tencer is a “well known” Canadian immigration consultancy firm. Boasting a “90% success rate”, Joel E. Tencer assists people with immigration to Canada. Joel Tencer is not only a regulated ICCRC member and immigration consultant but holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree. Mr. Tencer practices immigration and refugee law in Canada and appears to have sufficient knowledge in immigration and immigration law.

Website & Services

The website of Joel E. Tencer projects seriousness and professionalism. The colors and imagery used are typically associated with the law. With shades of red, orange and dark greys. When first assessing we look for many things but among the most important is the privacy policy and terms & conditions pages. We did not find any on Joel E. Tencer’s website. Taking into account that he is a registered ICCRC member and has extensive knowledge in the immigration industry, it’s really odd that these documents are not featured on this website. Several factors on this website tell us that its rarely updated and it’s their “active” status on the ICCRC website which ensures that they are in fact still in business. The website is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate so we have no other complaints.

Social Media

There are no links to any social media platforms of Joel E. Tencer on their website. This is definitely something the business should look into in order to maintain a good reputation online.


We can conclude that Joel E. Tencer is able to legally deal with your immigration requirements. We do hope to see their terms & conditions and privacy policy pages on their official website in the future. More social media activity wouldn’t hurt either. However, we are happy with what we have seen on their website and they’ve given us no reason to doubt their legitimacy.