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About ITC Immigration and Employment Services Inc.

ITC Immigration and Employment Services Inc. is under the management of Mr. Ramin Asadi. Initially, the company was established to offer knowledge and ‘efficient’ immigration services, especially to families and individuals in the middle east hoping to relocate to Canada. According to its website, the staff at ITC has ‘extensive experience’ in different areas of immigration. Additionally, the website claims that the company has a ‘near-perfect’ record of successfully converting Canada immigration applicants into Canadian residents. With head offices in both Canada and Iran, ITC has more than 10 expert staff who are dedicated to ensuring you meet Canadian immigration requirements. Mr. Ramin Asadi has many relevant memberships and professional credentials, representing the company alongside Mahmood-Babak Yaltaghian as the company’s regulated ICCRC member.Mr. Asadi is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants, the Iranian-Canadian Association of Immigration Consultants, the Commissioner of Oaths for all Judicial Districts of Canada and holds other relevant accreditations.

Website & Services


ITC Immigration and Employment Services have a well laid out and professional website. he website is extremely rich in content and covers all that is expected of them. The color scheme is not overwhelming it is both professional and somewhat youthful as they make use of some modern-day technical characteristics on the site. It is clear that this company puts time and effort into the execution of this website as every page is brimming with useful and resourceful information. However, the website fails to contain a privacy policy or terms and conditions, which is a bit of a problem. They have a blog on their website under the ‘news’ tab, which contains a lot of useful information.

The services ITC Immigration have to offer include; an online eligibility assessment, Federal business immigration, Quebec business immigration, PNP business immigration, federal skilled workers, Quebec skilled workers, PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) skilled workers, family sponsorship, Canadian experience class, provincial experience streams, Alberta PNP, British Columbia PNP, Manitoba PNP, New Brunswick PNP, Newfoundland and Labrador PNP, Northwest Territories PNP, Nova Scotia PNP, Ontario PNP, Prince Edward Island PNP, Saskatchewan PNP, Yukon PNP and others. Additionally, the company offers work, study and visitors visas. 

Social Media


The links to the social media platforms of ITC can be found in the top left-hand corner of their home page. Their Facebook has a significant following of over 60,000 people. They post regularly, but they do not post in English which eliminates a large part of their potential customer base. Their Twitter link does not work, so they need to correct this.



We’re pleased with what we have seen on ITC Immigration and Employment Services. The company is well-structured and show clear competence in the industry. ITC Immigration has given us no reason to doubt their legitimacy and could easily be a great option for your immigration matters. However, they need to work on their social media