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About “It’s Canada Time”

It's Canada time is a Canadian immigration company based in Toronto, Ontario. Their website is right and interactive and seems to contain a lot of important information like a privacy policy as well as terms and conditions. They basically guarantee you to ‘land in Canada’ do an access fee of 599 Euros. They also claim to work with ‘Regulated Immigration Consultants 24/7’.

Website and services

We have taken considerable time to study and analyze the website and services provided by It's Canada Time. The website is particularly well laid out and easy to use, although we found it to be lacking in useful information. This could be since It’s Canada Time have gone out of their way to explain their services by using pretty words and sentences that end up looking very unreal. It’s Canada Time offers a section on the website where you can post a question to their representatives. These authorized representatives that they speak of are not expanded on anywhere on their website. They make a bold claim of asking you to verify Its Canada Time on the RCIC website, but you can't do this without the name of an actual representative, so this definitely raises some red flags.

Social Media and Online Review

It's Canada Time has a fairly good presence on the social media front, with active links to their social media platforms displayed in the top right corner of their website.  Their Twitter is not that active, posting about one or two times a month. Their Facebook seems to mimic this, not posting very often. In addition, the Facebook page has absolutely no reviews, adding to the reasons we have to doubt the credibility of It’s Canada Time.


Although It’s Canada Time has a fantastic-looking website, that is about the only thing we can say with certainty about this company. Their failure to provide the names of their RCIC’s consultants (making it impossible to verify their accreditation) coupled with barely-active social media leaves a rather shady impression about the credibility of It’s Canada Time.