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About InterJurisconsult

InterJurisconsult is a Canadian immigration consultancy firm, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in Canadian immigration law and providing clients with immigration services and products in many different languages. InterJurisconsult is run by a team of lawyers and not consultants as they so clearly state. The firm was founded by a Canadian immigration lawyer (barrister and attorney) Joseph Milevich. Joseph is a member of The Law Society of Upper Canada and holds many other relevant credentials and accolades.

Website & Services

InterJurisconsult’s website is clean and simple. Its basic design makes it user-friendly and easy to navigate. When first landing on their page, you’re presented with 11 language website options which are great considering they are offering worldwide service. Their website contains a “Canada” tab which has an ‘all you need to know’ approach covering the most basic facts about Canada, complete with up-to-date weather and news app. The content presented on their website is informative yet sharp and to the point. The font size is uncomfortable to read as it is too small for skimming and scanning. InterJurisconsult offers legal services in the following areas:
  • Temporary residence [study, visitor, and work visas]
  • Permanent residency [Provincial nominee program, Quebec immigration]
  • Live-in Caregiver program
  • Business immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration & refugee board
  • Refugee protection
  • Family sponsorship. And other useful services.

Social Media & Online Review

InterJurisconsult has no visible social media accounts accessible from their website. We did a manual search on both Facebook and Twitter and our findings were bittersweet. Sweet because we made a finding and bitter because they were both hopelessly neglected accounts. Trying not to worry about it too much we have to admit it is rather disappointing. Their Twitter account doesn’t have a single tweet, as there has been absolutely no activity on the account even though the profile shows they joined in August 2010. Their Facebook page is updated regularly but the following is really small. The majority of their posts are posted in what appears to be Russian, which they surely have a logical explanation for, however, Russian is not a popular language that many understand. InterJurisconsult’s online presence has plenty of room for improvement.


InterJurisconsult seems to have the proper accreditations in place to legally assist you in your immigration venture. We would, however, suggest you do thorough research before fully committing. Based on the fact that they are members of The Law Society of Upper Canada, we see no reason to question their legitimacy.