Agency Reviews


About Immigration-R-us Ltd.

Immigration-R-us Ltd. was started in 2004 and is a licensed and bonded international employment agency. Immigration-R-us Ltd is registered and in good standing with the ICCRC, CAPIC, and CMI. There are two registered RCIC agents that work for Immigration-R-us, Jutta Zillgen (R422223) and Eunsook Lee (R414143). Both of these RCIC agents’ numbers are legitimate and registered with the ICCRC. Immigration-R-us Ltd works with both employers and employees. If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Canada you are able to apply through Immigration-R-us and they will find a place for you to work. They also indicate that their recruitment services are free of charge and if your job application is successful, your employer will pay for your immigration process.

Website and Social Media

The website for Immigration-R-us is easy to use and quite basic. Its layout is easy to navigate and the information provided is clear and visible. On the page for Current Open Positions, there are no listed jobs available. We found this quite strange and we have no idea when last there were jobs posted to this section. However, Immigration-R-us does provide information on what to include in your e-mail when applying for a job. We thought this was quite useful as people often forget to add certain documents. If you have applied for a job your interview can be conducted in your home country, over the phone or over Skype. This is extremely helpful obviously if you are not based in Canada. One aspect of the website that we found quite distressing is that there is no terms and conditions page, privacy policy or refund policy. There are also no client testimonials available anywhere on the website. When we searched online we also came up empty-handed. What you must keep in mind is that the lack of testimonials is not always a bad thing because it is better than the company having bad reviews from previous clients. There are no social media links from the Immigration-R-us Ltd website and we were unable to find any kind of social media page for the company. This was a bit worrying as today social media plays such a big role in our everyday lives.


Immigration-R-us Ltd has provided you with the necessary information about what it is that they do but there are some holes. There is information provided on the various visa applications that they offer but not what the requirements are for these visas. A physical address is provided, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to call. Another aspect of Immigration-R-is Ltd.’s services that we liked is that there are various ways to conduct your interviews. Having a job in Canada will push your visa application to be approved. One feature, or lack-there-of, that we didn’t like was that there is no terms and conditions page, privacy policy or refund policy. This is quite worrying because it leaves you quite in the dark. Although a plus is that you do not have to pay for their recruitment services. Immigration-R-us has two registered RIC agents with RCIC numbers. You are provided with their names and numbers on the website.