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About Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an immigration consultancy firm that claims to operate worldwide and provides visa services for migration to countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, and U.S.A just to mention a few. The About Us page goes on to say that the head office is located in New Delhi India. Immigration Overseas say they have been in the immigration business for over ten years, and because they provide visa services to different countries, they have a host of accreditations with immigration authorities such as the ICCRC, MARA, and MIA just to mention a few. Nowhere on the website do they mention who these RCICs or agents are nor do they mention their codes which made it difficult for us to confirm the validity of these claims. After typing in the company name on the ICCRC website it states that an RCIC by the name of Ram Babbar (R515758) is registered to Immigration Overseas.

Website and services


Firstly, our biggest concern is that the web browser suggests that it is not safe to continue to the website and the website itself is not secure.  This was our first red flag. Immigration Overseas has a website that is very professional and well-organized look. The website itself is packed with information, however, it is not the most user-friendly website that we’ve come across. The information provided on the website is detailed and is simple to understand with well-located Privacy and refunds policies, FAQs, and disclaimer pages that offer well-written information. The website impressively also has a 24-hour customer service platform, clients can also make contact through email and google hangouts, and here Immigration Overseas claim to reply to complaints and inquiries within 48 hours or earlier. On the website, Immigration Overseas has a payment page that even contains a currency converter which can be very useful for clients to calculate the costs right there and then. This is useful however we don’t know how comfortable we’d be with making online payments on an unsecured site. Another drawback with the website is that the news posts and blog section are not up-to-date nor is it organized or dated. The most recent blog dated back to 2015. Immigration Overseas provides a variety of visa services, apart from visas they also handle job recruitments and they have a platform on the website where one can post their resume so as to be linked to a potential employer in the country of their choice. The visa services that Immigration Overseas provides include:

  • Student Visa
  • Holiday Visa
  • Sponsorship Visa
  • Skilled worker
  • Spouse and Dependent children
  • Work Visa

Social Media

For social media, Immigration Overseas has a lot of links on their website to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many more, sadly most of these pages have been left unattended for quite some time. The latest posts for Facebook go as far back as May 2018, with comments left ignored, they are simply non-existent in this regard. The reviews page is filled with mixed reviews and queries, once again left without a response. Their Twitter account is even worse with 849 followers and the last tweet dated to February 2016. Linkedin leads to an error page and the Youtube channel has few videos that were last posted 4 years ago.


The website of Immigration Overseas is very carefully laid out with a professional tone and is easy to use, their accreditation to immigration governing bodies such as the ICCRC is very encouraging. However, there is no mention of how many members are there in the immigration team, immigration Overseas has been very vague in this regard as it seems Mr. Arora is the only certified consultant with formal accreditation. They have a Tumbler account that was last updated 3 years ago and a Blogspot account last updated in 2015. It also has links to Mix and Flickr once again leads to an error page. This is a classic case where more is definitely not more. Immigration Overseas has attempted to conquer almost every corner of the social network without mastering any of the platforms that it boasts on its website.