Agency Reviews


About presents itself as a company that can help you to live and work in Canada. One of their biggest draws is the free evaluation, which catches your eye as soon as you open their website. This immigration consultancy website offers a wealth of information relating to Canadian immigration and they are represented by the Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc. Their services also include consultations on matters related to living in Canada and how to navigate the immigration process.

The Website

As far as first impressions go, we were quite pleased with what we saw on this website. Not only does displays what we believe to be a large understanding of immigration processes, but the website also explains each and every visa program in fine detail for those who aren’t familiar with many of them. In addition to that, they also have a discussion forum, news page and other useful links that can be easily accessed on the site. The site showcases some of Singer’s podcasts which provide more insights on the immigration process as well as more information about the law firm. The website offers a free assessment and they also have links that direct you to consultation pages if you require the use of their services. The site is also optimized to translate to different languages. has made all of the necessary formal documentation available on their websites such as a disclaimer and privacy policy.

Social Media


Links to the social media platforms of can be found in both the header and the footer of their website. Their Facebook account has a substantial following of over 130,000 followers. They post relatively frequently and a lot of their Facebook includes success stories, which look great for their credibility. Their Twitter page also has an impressive following of over 30,000 followers. Their posts are regular too, so they really have a good handle on their social media.


We can recommend as a reputable company to handle your visa application to Canada. Their professional and informative website and their good upkeep of social media is impressive.