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About ImmiCom

Based in Quebec, ImmiCom provides immigration assistance to those looking to come to Canada. Founded in 1989, ImmiCom has consultants who specialize in the immigration field and promise to do their best to ensure a smooth landing for their clients. Immicom was founded by Ms. Michelle Hébert who is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC (#R411831) and supervises each client file personally, from day one, throughout the immigration process. The consultancy has thus built its reputation through Hébert’s strong business ethic with a motto that relies on “integrity, honesty, and efficiency”. Unfortunately, they do not have a terms and conditions page or privacy policy. For a law firm, we found it unusual that these documents are not displayed on the website.

Website & Services


Immicom deals with a wide range of Canadian immigration processes: skilled-worker (professionals), business class category, family class sponsorship (parents, spouse, common-law union, etc.) working visas, student visas and more. They also have a free online assessment form which will determine your eligibility for a visa. According to their site, their services include but are not limited to:

  • Provide a complete list of required documents in support of your application;
  • A detailed study of all documentation relevant to your application;
  • Assessment of your possibilities in regards to the available programs;
  • Priority setting and need analysis with you, the client;
  • Correlation of professional expertise with the chosen province;
  • Completion of all provincial and federal forms;
  • Ensure that all necessary documents have been collected and properly translated if necessary;
  • Submission of your application and relevant documents to the immigration officials;
  • Full support of the applicant's file before the provincial and federal authorities;
  • Monitor your application through the immigration process;
  • Make the necessary representation to increase your chances of obtaining an interview waiver;
  • Tailor-made preparation for the interview, if an interview is necessary;
  • Canadian permanent resident visa for you and your family delivered to your door.

The only issue with this is that they make obtaining a visa seem so simple and easy. Even though it’s not explicit, the way they phrase it makes it seem like you are guaranteed a visa if you were to make use of their services – which is not always the case. Immicom only accepts files that have a high chance of success to ensure a higher turnover rate.

Social Media

Judging by the look of the site, it is not surprising that Immicom does not have an online social media presence – no Facebook, no Twitter, not even Google+. In our search for an online reputation, we found no other user reviews to vouch for their services.



ImmiCom appears to be straightforward and honest, but with no online presence and no privacy or T&C’s page, we cannot say whether they can be fully trusted. Mrs. Hébert is undoubtedly regulated but there is still much room for improvement with regard to their site and online presence.