Agency Reviews


About Immi-Canada

Immi-Canada is a visa consultant agency with 13 years of experience. It was founded by Celina Hui in 2012 and has 23 employees who service more than 400 clients at the same time, of whom 2 are RCIC’s. This is slightly concerning as there are only 2 registered RCIC’s and the majority of the employees are listed as assistants. meaning that each RCIC could possibly be required to deal with over 200 applicants at any given moment. There is also not much information given on either of the RCIC’s other than their ICRC codes. Immi-Canada’s head office is based in Vancouver with branches in Toronto and Rio de Janeiro. Immi-Canada has supposedly administered over 9000 consultations and also claims a 98% success rate on over 600 applications submitted.

Website and Services

At first glance, the website is well laid out and user-friendly, with icons separating the different types of visas available ie. visit, study, work, and immigration. Once clicking on the individual icons, however, for more information, it becomes quite confusing, with topics merely asking questions without giving answers; stating visa prices and 1 or 2 requirements. This could be due to poor translations into English but with the amount of poor grammar and spelling errors, it doesn’t do much with regards to confirming the levels of credibility based on attention to detail. It offers services in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and even though there are no problems experienced with translating the website, there is not enough content in English available. The website is however secure and offers various safe methods of payments, including Paypal. There also seems to be contradicting statistics regarding applications submitted successfully. On the home page it states “+9000 consultations; +600 applications submitted and a 98% success rate” whereas on the “About Us” page, it states “+6000 successful visas and immigration applications submitted”? This again speaks to levels of credibility and accurate marketing of services. The information does not really go in-depth regarding specific programs, such as provincial nominee programs, the Express Entry system or Family Sponsorship programs, to name a few. There are videos available, which we assume explains the process, however, if you do not speak Spanish or Portuguese, they are quite useless as there are no translated or English versions available on the website. The terms and conditions are clearly stated and consultations do not offer refunds. Prices are clearly stated so that clients know upfront what they are paying for. Services are also clearly stated on the homepage under each visa category. All visa application packages are explained in youtube videos but once again are only available in Spanish or Portuguese so it is difficult to decipher whether or not the information supplied is relevant or accurate. Prices are clearly stated below each package and there seem to be discount coupons available which seem to be redundant if your services are priced at a certain price. Immi-Canada also offers a range of value-added services, such as advice on diploma equivalence and support through pre visa or immigration application evaluations through an array of different packages.

Social Media & Online Reviews

Immi-Canada seems to have an active social presence across all platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their twitter following is not as strong as their Instagram or Facebook accounts, and it shows, as their last tweet was over a month back with just over 1,500 tweets to date. LinkedIn shows that there are 51 employees, which is in contradiction to their website which states that there are 23 employees at Immi-Canada. And has a rather small following of just over 1,300 people. Comments all seem to receive responses in a timely manner across all platforms, although there seem to be a few mixed reviews on facebook regarding service. The youtube channel is quite active, where there are live webinars and seminars with the RCICs, to assist clients with different immigration options. There are a few videos available in English with general immigration facts, however, these are few and far between.


Overall, Immi-Canada seems to be a targeted visa and immigration consultancy, aimed primarily at Spanish and Portuguese immigrants. It is a regulated and trusted agency, with 2 accredited RCIC’s. Their social media presence is relatively strong although it could improve certain aspects such as offering English versions of their services, to better accommodate internationals. There are also some areas of inconsistencies regarding statistics that need to be addressed.