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About Imin Consulting


Imin Consulting is an immigration company based in downtown Vancouver. The Managing Director of the company is Daniel Y. Won, who is also an RCIC agent (R421439) and a Professor of Immigration Law. Imin Consulting’s logo is “We make clients or life!” and they even have a page on their website called Life Coaching. In Daniel Won’s bio, he talks passionately about immigration and his desire to make the process easier for everyone looking to immigrate. Daniel Won is an immigrant himself and he, therefore, understands what is involved in the process. He states in his bio that he dealt with his own immigration process. His RCIC number is provided in his bio.


The website for Imin Consulting is basic and easy to use. There is a great deal of information that is provided on the website with regards to immigration and the various visa options. One thing that we can fault the website on is the lack of important online documents. There is a wealth of information on the Imin Consulting website. If you were thinking of studying in Canada, then you have definitely found the right website to look through. There is a list of universities as well as information on the process. There are no links to any social media platforms on the website.

Our Conclusion


Imin Consulting has a good website and it provides you with the information that you did. However, the lack of important online documentation is worrying, but something that can be rectified. If you have dealt with Imin Consulting, please leave a review below and tell us about your experience.