Agency Reviews


About Illuminate Canada Staffing and Immigration

Illuminate Canada is a “professional” immigration firm operating out of Calgary. With over 20 years of experience in citizenship and immigration-related fields, they have built up quite a respectable reputation. Jennifer Shaw is a member in good standing with the ICCRC, however, the website doesn’t provide us with too much information regarding Jennifer.

Website & Services

This website is simple to use with well-written information that we found easy to navigate. The website does contain a well-researched privacy policy that we found to be very encouraging. However, we could not find a terms and conditions page which is equally important. As this document is absent, we were not able to find out any information on whether they issue refunds or what their cancellation policies are. Their website consists of four header tabs with most of what is found in the header found in the footer too. The website doesn’t lack in content though we would appreciate more detail regarding their regulated ICCRC member. Overall, their website is warm and inviting. Illuminate Canada’s website is relatively easy to navigate, with relevant icons helping you along the way. The services Illuminate Canada offers includes; Express Entry, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Super Visa, Work Visas & Permits, Citizenship, Permanent Residency, Spousal Sponsorship, Labour Impact Assessment, Temporary Foreign Worker and others. The representation of their services is very well done as well as clean, clear and easy to understand.

Social Media & Online Review

The only social media platform we found of Illuminate Canada is on Facebook. They let us down a bit here as their website impressed us so much. Their profile is outdated and hasn’t shown any activity this year. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, we do feel they could have quite an effect on social media, boasting over 1 200 likes for their page.  In the past, we have seen lots of activity and interaction and we wish they would pick this up again this year. We wouldn’t focus on this too much as their website is exceptional.


Illuminate Canada has given us no reason to doubt their credibility. We applaud the great efforts put into their website and services as they truly understand the importance of winning over clients’ trust.