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About Icon Canadian Immigration

Icon Canadian Immigration is a Canadian and US immigration company situated in North Vancouver with a second office in Tehran. The CEO of the company, Alireza Boroumand, is an RCIC agent (R506310) that is recognized and registered with the ICCRC. His RCIC number is not listed on the website. The website also states that Alireza has a legal background and has been dealing with immigration since 2011.

Website & Services


The website for Icon Canadian Immigration is very basic and provides you with a very limited amount of information. Alireza Boroumand has failed to provide his clients with any important online documentation like privacy policy, refund policy or terms and conditions. There is information with regards to Canadian and Quebec immigration programs but, once again it is very limited. The information on the US immigration programs is equally limited and provides you with very basic and vague information. Under the Services page on the Icon Canadian Immigration website, there is a list of services that this company will provide you, like:

  • All US immigration and visa related issues
  • Canada and Quebec immigration programs
  • Provincial Nominee programs for all 10 provinces of Canada
  • Performing all Investment related issues concerning immigration
  • Renewal and obtaining PR Card
  • Applying for citizenship
  • Passport of the Islands for business people
  • Commissionaire of oath for British Columbia

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Icon Canadian Immigration can be found in the footer of their website. The Facebook page is a link to what appears to be a private page, basically defeating the purpose of marketing their company on social media. The link to the Twitter page might as well not be there, as the page has a following of only two people and is extremely outdated. 


Icon Canadian Immigration is a legitimate Canadian immigration company and according to the article that we found on Alireza Boroumand, he has helped a number of people immigrate to Canada. We do feel that there can be improvements made to the Icon Canadian Immigration website that would give the company a better presence in such a saturated market. If you have dealt with Icon Canadian Immigration please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.