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About Higher Ground Immigration Services


Higher Ground Immigration Services is a Canadian immigration consultancy, operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Higher Ground mainly focuses on permanent residence. According to their website, Higher Ground claims to provide ‘professional and knowledgeable representation on Canadian immigration matters.’ The Higher Ground regulated Canadian immigration consultant is Daniel Graham, Daniel is also the owner and operator of Higher Ground Services. In addition, he is also a Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. Daniel graduated from Humber College with honors from their Immigration Consultant Certificate Program.

Website & Services

This website has a simple layout with not much technical detail. Higher Ground’s main point of their website is to convey a message as their website is rich in well-written content. Their site is easy to navigate and understand and the layout is comfortable and effective. The website includes an animated gif-like header displaying an array of relevant Canadian images. As rich in content as this website is, it lacks two incredibly vital documents, failing to produce a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page on their website. At this point, clients are unaware of their cancellation policies or how their personal documents are protected. The website does, however, have a ‘Commitment’ document in which they state that all clients are promised. This company also has a blog which is accessible from their website, the blog seems to be in a decent condition as the last post dates back to a little before a month ago. Their posts consist of related Canadian (immigration) related news articles. Higher Ground Immigration offers the following services; family class sponsorship, spousal and common-law partner sponsorship, express entry, Alberta immigration Nominee Program applications, humanitarian and compassionate applications as well as Permanent Resident cards. Also offered are; work permit extensions, visitor record extensions, change of status applications, Port of Entry Work Permit applications and in-depth consultation.

Social Media & Online Review

Higher Ground Immigration Services has a LinkedIn profile as well as a Facebook page. The LinkedIn profile is business orientated and just reiterates what the website says, or what the company is all about. As for their Facebook page, only 53 people have liked this page but the page is in a great condition with interaction and activity happening regularly. The posts here consist mainly of any Canadian immigration or related news. This page or their services are yet to be rated and reviewed on Facebook andGoogle too for that matter. We seem to be the first to review this company.


This Company seems to be all they claim to be, all we need now is client success stories to back it up. Nonetheless, Higher Ground Immigration Services have given no reason to doubt their legitimacy nor have they raised suspicion from their side. We would like to see some client feedback in the future as well as a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions documents.