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About Highbrow Law Associates

Highbrow Law associates is an immigration agency consisting of corporate and immigration lawyers. They were established in 2002, although the identity of the owners hasn’t been provided, and they are based in Lahore Pakistan. They lay claim to the title of the “leading immigration and study visa consultants in Pakistan”, and they provide visa immigration services to the UK, Canada, and Australia. “We seek to be a trustworthy leader, as immigration and study visa law consultants for delivering excellence to our people and to society as a whole, to turn their dreams into realities.” Although Highbrow Law associates have proudly stated that they have a large network and offices in the UK, Canada and Australia who provide legal assistance, as well as a team in Lahore which comprises of Lawyers with MBAs and degrees, there’s curiously a lack of mention of whether they are accredited with RCIC registration numbers. They claim to have 3,352 approved visas, 17 award nominations and 23 years of experience under their belts. So let's take a closer look and see if we can verify some of these claims.

Website and Services


The website for Highbrow Law Associate’s leaves a lot to be desired as it is very basic and lacks creativity, however, it does have a level of professionalism and some appeal. Vital information such as the privacy policy, FAQs and disclaimer, however, cannot be found on the website. It does have a well-explained platform about their services and the sort of visa applications that they deal with, albeit with a few structural, grammatical and spelling errors that have unfortunately been left unattended. The website also has some detailed contact information that leaves one wondering if they are up-to-date considering the state of information on the website. Highbrow Law Associates provide the following visa application services for immigration to Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Workers program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Provincial Nomination Program
  • Business Immigration
  • Sponsoring your Family
  • Start-up Visa
  • Work in Canada
  • Quebec Investor Program

The website also has a page dedicated to their success stories, which are of course all positive. We do not usually pay any attention to these are they are carefully selected by the company and their validity is also difficult to prove. There is also a gallery of satisfied clients, both images and videos, and immigration events which we felt was a nice touch. Highbrow Law Associates also offers and online assessment as well as IELTS preparation classes at HIMS. We also like that the website is secure, which is extremely important to protect users from third-party hackers.

Social Media


Their social media platforms currently include Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. The Facebook page is fairly updated although not as regularly as one would expect. We commend the effort and they have over 16k followers. The reviews page is enabled, which we like, as comments are generally positive with a few complaints about the high price of their service. The Youtube channel has all but 6 videos which were uploaded just over 2 months ago and leads us to believe that it is fairly new with only 1 subscriber under its belt. The LinkedIn account seemed to have regular posts relating to immigration on its timeline up until 7 months ago when it suddenly stopped. It currently has 105 followers and apparently has 14 employees. Strangely the director and some of the other employees seem to have restricted visibility which we find very odd, which means that they are not a transparent company. None of these employees include RCICs or immigration lawyers, with only one immigration consultant who purposefully chooses to remain anonymous. This raises a rather big concern for us as all immigration consultants who charge a few usually upload an image of themselves as well as their RCIC number if they are registered with ICCRC.


Highbrow Law Associates Immigration Consultants look a bit lost and we would advise anyone dealing with them to exercise with some level of caution especially considering the lack of ICCRC accreditation. The lack of professional etiquette on their website is discouraging as well as the lack of terms and conditions, refund and privacy policy. They do have a level of presence on social media and that is encouraging although they could still do so much more as there are many social media platforms apart from Facebook.