Agency Reviews


About Guberman Garson Segal LLP

Guberman Garson Segal LLP partnered with Deloitte as a ‘highly reputable, experienced and client-focused immigration law firm’. The opening page of their website says that immigration is their specialty. They also make it clear that Garson LLP made the list for one of Canada’s Top 5 Immigration Law Boutiques by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. 

The Website and Social Media

The website for Guberman Garson Segal LLP is very professional and easy to use. Information for each lawyer at the firm is provided, with their degrees, publications and contact details made visible. What we found so pleasant about this website is that everything was so easy to find. The website for Guberman Garson Segal LLP has a very professional feel about it. Links to the social media platforms of Garson Segal LLP can be found in the footer of their home page. However, their social media presence is very poor. Their Facebook page has only 127 people. 


Guberman Garson Segal LLP has a professional website and information on all the lawyers that work at the firm is provided, which presents a strong and trustworthy image. They have a poor following on Facebook so this is an aspect of the company that definitely needs some work.