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About Green and Spiegel LLP

Green and Spiegel LLP was founded by Mendel Green and is based in Toronto, Ontario. Mendel Green was called to the Ontario Bar in 1962 and he has played a central role in the evolution of the Canadian immigration system. Mendel Green was one of the first immigration lawyers in Canada. The law firm consists of 6 partners and 13 associate lawyers. Mendel Green’s two sons, his daughter, and a daughter-in-law are also part of the firm. Mendel Green has built a family business. Early on in the firm’s start, David Nekelsky brought on a significant real estate practice and now Green and Siegel LLP also has real estate lawyers. Green and Spiegel also have a licensed U.S. attorney on their staff with an office in the U.S.

The Website

The website for Green and Spiegel is quite basic and lacks color and creative design. Hover, the information provided is easy to read and very informative. Green and Spiegel cover all the necessary information on the various visa applications. After reading all the information about the different visas in Canada you will fully understand the ins and outs. On the website, there is also a blog post page and the articles that are posted are all relevant to immigration and the services that Green and Spiegel provide their clients. Green and Spiegel were also selected by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best immigration law firms in Canada. Aside from that honor, Green and Spiegel were also ranked as one of Canada’s Top 5 Immigration Boutique Law Firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. The accreditations of Green and Spiegel are made well known throughout the website.

Social Media

Links to the social media of Green and Spiegel can be found on their home page. Their Facebook page has a modest following of a little over 1,500 people. They post every day and their content is relevant to Canadian immigration, which is great. Their Twitter needs some more work to drive their follower-count up and so that they reach as many people as possible.



The website for Green and Spiegel LLP is very professional. All the necessary information about the different visas is supplied and extremely thorough. The law firm has also been selected for some very prestigious awards. We can recommend this as a reputable company.