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About Goldman Associates

Goldman Associates is an Immigration Law Firm started by Canadian lawyer Ian Goldman. Ian Goldman was called to the bar in British Columbia in 1993 and has been practicing law ever since. Mr. Goldman’s many years of experience provide you with great knowledge about the immigration process and what you need to do. Mr. Goldman is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association.

Mr. Goldman sometimes does free or pro-bono work for Canadian clients or refugees desperately seeking help. You can check Ian Goldman’s legitimacy as a lawyer on the Law Society of British Columbia website. However, Ian Goldman is not a registered RCIC, which can call his legitimacy into question. However, just because he isn't a registered RCIC does not automatically mean he cannot help you immigrate to Canada.

Website and Services

The website for Goldman Associates is well-designed and easy to use. However, there are no terms and conditions nor a privacy policy. They state that they do not do online assessments and that you must contact them for help. As they are a law firm, don’t expect services to be cheap. However, they state that you will be charged according to your needs. Their website has three client testimonials which are all positive. But by doing some further research, we did find that there are possible clients that have asked about Goldman Associates, whether they are recognized or real.

There are positive comments from previous clients about the law firm and its services. Goldman Associates is qualified and capable of helping you with all kinds of Canadian visas, specializing in permanent residence. They provide Career and Education counseling and advice and help you find a home to rent or buy. Another great service that they offer you as a possible immigrant to Canada is helping you organize your medical coverage and banking.

Their website also has a wide array of quality content covering most Canadian immigration processes, showing their knowledge of the Canadian immigration system and, by extension, the quality of their services.

Social Media

Goldman Associates doesn't speak of any social media on their website. However, we found a small LinkedIn page for the company after searching online with no real content and only just over 200 followers. This is somewhat worrying as this shows little interest in communicating their brand to a wide audience. 


Goldman Associates, a renowned group of lawyers specializing in assisting potential immigrants with the immigration process and all necessary paperwork, recognizes the importance of a strong online and social media presence in today's digital age. By leveraging their expertise in immigration law, they aim to create an engaging platform that provides valuable information and resources for individuals seeking assistance.

By consistently sharing relevant insights, client testimonials, and success stories across various social media channels, they will foster an interactive community of followers who can rely on them for trusted guidance. Ultimately, this commitment to enhancing its digital footprint will reinforce its credibility and contribute to the overall growth and success of Goldman Associates.