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About Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. is a ‘registered’ organization based in the UK, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Bangladesh. It offers general immigration services to Canada, Australia, and the USA, as well as specialized business migration to Malaysia, Singapore and the USA and study visas to Singapore. There is not much information regarding how long the company has been running and their law panel page does not offer much information on its lawyers other than their names and ICCRC codes. Though Global Immigration is not Canada exclusive, they are recognized by the ICCRC. They have a few regulated members in good standing with the ICCRC. Elisabeth Isakov and Eva Caldieri are both licensed consultants.

Website & Services


Visually, Global Immigration has an appealing website but in terms of informative content, it lacks greatly. None of what we have read has given us any in-depth information on the company. The website is user-friendly, however, does not include an ‘About Us’ page which throws us off as to who we are actually dealing with. In our experience, the “About us” page carries a great deal of credibility and value for the website and company as a whole. The website also offers no information about its regulated ICCRC consultants. There is general information on the Express Entry system and its process, the Provincial Nominee Program, as well as useful explanations of what a NOC is, and an in-depth explanation of how to calculate your Express Entry points. There is an ‘Assess yourself’ form than can be completed however it is somewhat glitchy and needs to be addressed.

Their website comes across as cold and impersonal. Their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page seem to be absent. Clients are unaware of their cancellation policies and other related queries that may arise. The website has a blog, which is accessible from their website. There seemed to be regular posts up until it stopped abruptly,  with the latest post dating back to March 2019. Their blog posts consist of informative immigration-related topics. The website does not have a secure padlock icon in the URL however all major credit cards are accepted for payment. 

Overall, even though Global Immigration has an average website, they have managed to touch on the gist of what clients could possibly need.

Social Media & Online Reviews

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. has a Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter account. Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts seem to be neglected as posts are not as regular as on facebook. Their Instagram account seems to be new as there are no followers or post.  Their Facebook page seems to be in top shape, with over 1 million followers. There is plenty of activity going on and it is updated regularly.


Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. has some improvements to make on their website but they are regulated ICCRC members and are lawfully able and capable of handling your immigration matters.