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About Global Immigration Consultants

Global Immigration Consultants is an immigration company that is based in Toronto but they also have offices located in the USA, India and various other countries. Which countries you may ask, we can’t answer that question for you because we don’t know either. The team leader of experienced and knowledgeable immigration consultants is led by Dave Chopra. This team, we are not sure who they are, has years of practical experience and they are dedicated to their clients. Dave Chopra is a Law graduate from Delhi University and he also has a BSc in Physics. He obtained a Paralegal Diploma from Toronto (it doesn’t state which university) and he specialized in Immigration and Family Law matters. Dave Chopra is also registered and in good standing with the ICCRC. There is no RCIC number on the website and we couldn’t find a name or an RCIC number for Dave Chopra.

The Website

The website for Global Immigration Consultants is very basic and it contains very basic information for the different visa options. It does not look like a great deal of effort or thought went into making this website at all. The writing is very small and hard to see. There are seals for the ICCRC and for CAPIC but when you click on either of them you are just taken to the websites. It doesn’t help us at all. The website has no privacy policy, no refund policy, and no terms and conditions. These are extremely important documents and this is yet another reason why we cannot trust Global Immigration Consultants. If Global Immigration Consultants has offices or people that work for them in different countries, where are the contact details and addresses? Another “feature” that Global Immigration Consultants has for you is their Global Immigration Franchise, which allows you to join their team and work as an immigration consultant. You obviously need a few things to start:

  • Office space in a prime location (minimum 500 Sq. Ft)
  • Computer with Internet access, a telephone, and a fax
  • Full-time marketing representative
  • Fluent in English and good communication skills to follow up with clients
  • Invest your money for advertising and also arranging immigration seminars which will be presented by Global Immigration Consultants representatives from their Canadian office

Bear in mind that you need to do a course through the Canadian government to become an RCIC agent.

Social Media


There are absolutely no social media accounts for Global Immigration Consultants, we checked! This is very peculiar as Global Immigration Consultants claims that they have offices in a number of countries yet they couldn’t even take the time to work on their social media presence. We are unsure who does the marketing side of the business but they need to take a few more lessons.

Our conclusion


We cannot trust Global Immigration Consultants as they have failed to provide us with a great deal of vital information. This, like with other scams, is a giveaway for a scam. The fact that Global Immigration Consultants claim to have an RCIC agent, Dave Chopra, and he is not even registered as an RCIC agent is a red flag straight away for us. If you have dealt with Global Immigration Consultants please leave a comment in our comment section below.