Agency Reviews



Global Immigration & Placement is a “quality” immigration consultancy, providing services around the world to hopefuls wishing to live, work or study in Canada. GIPCS claims to be equipped with qualified staff to assist immigrants though the tedious immigration process both before and after arriving in Canada. The company’s core values include striving for excellence and quality, to serve honestly and with integrity and to achieve positive results. The company proudly displays the ICCRC logo boldly in their header but the company name itself is not recognized on the ICCRC official website. Their legitimacy is definitely questionable at this point.

Website & Services

Global Immigration & Placement appears to have a professional website, but upon further investigation, we are not so sure. They are lacking in essential information such as terms and conditions and privacy policy and fail to mention who exactly their consultants are.  As mentioned before, their company does not feature on the ICCRC website. This is misleading and false advertising as the logo is one of the first things you see when browsing their website.

Social Media

Global Immigration & Placement Facebook and Twitter links can be found in the footer of their home page, though their twitter link does not show us their page, but rather a "share link" page. Their Facebook page has a following of 4,784 people. They post regularly, but their content is not professional or very well written. They also have some negative reviews on their Facebook page. 


We would recommend that you proceed with caution when using Global Immigration & Placement Consultancy Services Ltd. as they have a suspicious online reputation.