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About GEPSI (Global Education & Placement Services Inc.)


The Global Education & Placement Services Inc. or GEPSI says that it was created in 1994, and operates out of Ahmedabad, India. They claim to have tailor-made solutions for people who are interested in moving to Canada, or for employers who want to hire foreign workers. The company also says that they are a Canadian government approved Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) member.  With 25 years of experience, GEPSI claims to have extensive experience in student visa in particular, and are willing to help students gain student visas in countries like:

  • Canada;
  • Denmark;
  • Turkey;
  • The USA;
  • UK;
  • Australia; and
  • New Zealand

It does help that Mr. Chirag Nanavat seems to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Although the website does not seem to mention any other immigration agencies, if you wish to immigration to, for example, the UK.

Website and Services

GEPSI’s layout for its webpage is not especially professional. The design is very busy, with lots of images and information crammed into every available space on the webpage. This does not make it easy for the reader to take in information, or navigate GEPSI’s website.   A feature that is missing is that there are no real T&Cs, Refund or Privacy Policies on the website. The only thing GEPSI does have is a disclaimer, stating that they are only offering advice, not guarantees about anyone receiving a visa.   The website does seem to have a lot of content about Canada in particular, things like the climate, economy, etc. But the company does not go into further detail about the application process or about the services it offers. This does make the site seem less professional as a result.   GEPSI claim to offer services for:
  • Skilled workers;
  • Quebec selected skilled workers;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Investors and entrepreneurs;
  • Provincial Nominees; and
  • Study visas

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms pf GEPSI can be found in the header of the website. The Facebook page has a steady following of 3,080 people. The posts are regular and relevant to immigration, which is good. The Twitter page only has 56 followers but an effort is made to post regularly. 


GEPSI seems to have an average website. It is unfortunate that their layout makes it harder for the user to find what they want, because of shifting, changing or flashing icons. The fact that there is no digital Refund or Privacy Policy, is slightly worrying, as it helps protect both the user and the company.  It does help that the person who claims to be the director, Mr. Chirag Nanavat is qualified as an RCIC, although it is strange that the company offers the option to study in so many countries, besides Canada.   There do seem to be quite a few positive reviews for GEPSI, on both their website and their Facebook homepage. It is a pity that the company does not do as many updates on Canadian immigration news.   If you have dealt with GEPSI Consultancy for your Canadian immigration process, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.