Agency Reviews


About Galt Global Immigration?

Galt Global Immigration is a company situated in Vancouver that provides immigration services to individuals and corporations. Galt Global Immigration works with their partner, The Personnel Department, in getting you the job that you will need when immigrating to Canada. Galt Global claims to have registered RCIC agents working at their immigration company yet they have failed to mention who these immigration consultants are. We did some research on the ICCRC’s website and found that Arlene S. Tungohan (R420599) is the RCIC agent for Galt Global.


The website for Galt Global Immigration is very basic and in some cases, it looks lazy as not much effort has gone into making the website user-friendly. Something else that is very worrying is the fact that Galt Global has failed to provide its clients with important online documentation like privacy policy, refund policy, and terms and conditions. There is information provided about Canada which is helpful but the information for the various Canadian visa applications is lacking. There is a list of Services that Galt Global provides, the various visas, but nothing else. The Resources page has links to websites where you can look for jobs, which is always helpful.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Galt Global can be found in the footer of the company’s website. However, the Facebook link leads to an empty page, which is concerning. The Twitter account is disappointing, to say the least. It has only one tweet from 2012 and 4 followers. The company could definitely do better in this aspect. 


We cannot confidently recommend the services of Galt Global Immigration because they have not provided us with enough information to do so. They do have a registered RCIC agent, which is one thing that works in their favor. However, they have a lot of work to do where their online presence is concerned.