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About Fragomen Worldwide

Fragomen Worldwide declares itself to be the “world’s leading provider of immigration services." Immigration is Fragomen Worldwide’s main priority as they assist not only individuals but families, businesses and leading corporations too. Fragomen has been in business for over 60 years and has built a trusted reputation on a global scale, offering a one of a kind type of service. Having received international attention, Fragomen has a reputation to uphold. Fragomen is led by a group of lawyers, headed by Austin Fragomen. He leads a group of professionals offering an array of worldwide related immigration services. We are lead to believe based on the website profile that Austin Fragomen has extensive experience in several industries.

Website & Services

Fragomen Worldwide’s representation of its website is exceptional. The website offers an extensive amount of information, covering immigrants’ most frequently asked questions in precise detail. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate as everything you would need is presented clearly. The information presented is concise and to the point even though they aim to cover a comprehensive amount of information. Fragomen Worldwide has a Privacy Policy page which possesses an impressive amount of detail stating their case. Fragomen Worldwide offers a wealth of different services worldwide namely: business and technology visas, advisory, audit, compliance and export control services, immigration knowledge services, investor immigration services, work permit and authorization services, documentation services as well as employment verification services and technologies. Canadian-specific services include citizenship applications, immigration services for spouses and dependents, permanent resident card renewal applications and much more.

Social Media

Links to the social media of Fragomen can be found in the footer of their website. The Facebook page has a steady following of just under 4,000 people. The posts are regular and relevant to immigration, which is good. The Twitter page is equally impressive, with 3,351 followers and a regularly updated feed.


Based on what we have seen, Fragomen Worldwide seems to be credible and are equipped with whatever it is that is needed to meet your immigration needs. We are happy with what they have to offer.