Agency Reviews


About Filmex Immigration Consulting Agency

Filmex Immigration is a consultancy located in Vancouver, Canada. The company offers immigration counseling to those looking to come to Canada. Mrs. Elvira Gangte is an RCIC member and also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigrant Consultants (CAPIC) which represents and protects registered Immigration Consultant members. 

Website & Services


Filmex has a visually appealing website, complete with stunning graphics. Though the website is visually well put together, the availability of information is at a low. The site consists of only 5 tabs. This includes Home, About, Contact, Services, and Blog. However, when you click on ‘About’ and ‘Services’ the pages seem to be under construction. This makes it difficult to evaluate because the most essential information is missing. 

Social Media

Links to what appears to be the social media platforms of Filmex Immigration can be found in the footer of their ‘About Us’ page. However, when you click on these icons it just takes you to the general pages of these platforms and not a profile for Filmex Immigration. Having these icons on their website is not only redundant but also misleading.



Filmex Immigration Consulting Agency is able to handle your immigration needs as they are lawfully equipped to do so. We do however hope to see more interaction on their pages as well as updated in-depth information on their website.