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About FastTrack Immigration

FastTrack Immigration is a company based in Dubai that promises to assist you to work and live in Canada through the use of “Experienced migration advisors.” We are not sure what to make of these advisors, seeing as only authorized representatives like RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) or immigration lawyers can legally charge you for immigration services. We took a good look at their website in our FastTrack Immigration review but could find no mention of who the company employs to help with your application. We entered the company name into the ICCRC website and unfortunately did not get any results.


Fast Track Immigration is very vague when it comes to the immigration services they offer. We tried to find out more, but even when we clicked on multiple links on their site, we were presented with the same copy-paste information that was not useful in the slightest and left us more in the dark than ever. Surprisingly, FastTrack Immigration offers immigration services to more than just Canada. They also do immigration to:

  • Antigua & Barbuda;
  • Australia;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Canada;
  • Cyprus;
  • Dominica;
  • Georgia;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Grenada;
  • Hungary;
  • Malta;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • St. Kitts & Nevis;
  • U.K.; and
  • The U.S.

Seeing this list we thought that the company would at least offer more information about specific visa programs and give you the information you need to apply with. Instead, we were given a basic description of Express Entry and its definition but weren’t told anything else of real importance that Wikipedia could not have explained. Our FastTrack Immigration review found that the company apparently offers assistance with:

  • Express Entry;
  • Skilled Immigration (we are not sure what this refers to);
  • Business migration (we also do not know which visa or program they are specifically referring to here); and
  • Student visas



FastTrack’s website is basic at best and doesn't really show much information that could be useful to its users. Besides the sad lack of visa program names, we also noticed another major issue on the website. The site is not https secure, in other words, if you want to enter sensitive information like your password or credit card details, we highly recommend you don’t. Because the site is not secure, it means that third-party hackers can gain access to your information more easily than they can on other sites. This is a definite problem that Fast Track needs to look into immediately. The assessment form is very bland compared to some of the free assessments we have looked at over the years. There is yet another issue that we have with Fast Track Immigration, their lack of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Refund Policy. These documents are really important to ensure that both the business and the customer are protected for misuse, fraud and service delivery. We were highly disappointed that the site does not include a link to any of these documents. The website has a page dedicated to success stories which sadly only had to stories.

Social Media 


The website does not have any links to its social media platforms. We were given the impression that we would be able to link to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account through the quick links to their assessment forms offered on each platform. located in the footer of the website however, when you click on them you are redirected to the same form. We stumbled across their Facebook and Twitter pages by accident by clicking on the tabs located on the right-hand side of the screen. The Facebook account has 18,580 followers and seems to be updated regularly with relevant topics. The review page is a mix of requests and positive reviews however there are no responses to these queries. When we tried clicking on the twitter tab however it seemed to be disabled and there is also no Instagram account. This really did not improve the impression that Fast Track Immigration was giving us.


Unfortunately, Fast Track Immigration was just one disappointment after another from the poor content on their website, links that do not lead anywhere to no RCIC or legal immigration professionals. Fast Track Immigration really need to take a look at their online security as their site is not HTPPS secure and is vulnerable to hacking. This is not something you want to hear if you want to make a payment. Besides the poor security on their site, we have another major problem with the company, its lack of legal documents like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. All of these documents should be easily accessible on the site at some point or another and the lack of them really calls into question how professionally Fast Track Immigration will handle your application. The company’s performance on social media is currently non-existent with no platforms to speak of. Overall, our impression of Fast Track Immigration is not the best and there are many areas that the company seriously needs to address in the future.