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About Farrol Consulting

Farrol Consulting claims to be a business that offers a full service for Canadian immigration. The company also says that they have a team of RCICs that are accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Farrol Consulting also declares that it has 35 years of combined experience in Canadian immigration, and has associations with both RCICs and Immigration lawyers. The website does not say when the company was created, or who the other Immigration lawyers or RCICs are either, besides mentioning Farrol herself.

Website and Services

The website itself is very easy to navigate because there are no real navigation tabs to select. All the information provided about the business is put on the only webpage it has. The webpage is missing key elements in terms of its Privacy Policy, T&Cs as well as any sort of Refund Policy. This does make the site seem less professional. The services that Farrol Consulting offers are really unclear. The website states that it helps with Canadian immigration, but does not talk about any of the most well-known programs and visa options like the Express Entry, Skilled Federal Worker Program, or Provincial Nominee Program. It does help that Aileen Farrol is a regulated Canadian Immigration consultant, with a verified consultant number of R410623. Although, no other detail about the “team” of RCICs, or Immigration lawyers are mentioned by name on the webpage. The option to fill out an application with your personal details likes your name, date of birth and contact details are done under a site that is not secure. Meaning that it can be difficult to, for example, make a payment over a site that is not protected against online threats. We were disappointed to discover that there is no terms and conditions or privacy policy on their website.

Social Media and Online Review

Links to the social media of Farrol Consulting can be found in the top left-hand corner of their homepage. However, these links are only to their email and a Twitter account. However, they only have a following of 225 people. In addition, their content is extremely outdated. They need to work on expanding their presence to other social media platforms and working on their current Twitter account. 


Farrol Consulting needs some serious work to improve its presence online. They need o to redesign their website so that it is more informative and representative of a credible immigration firm. They are missing essential information on their website, such as the names of their other consultants and privacy policy. Their social media presence is poor and this needs to be worked on so that they can reach as many people as possible.