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About Excel Education and Immigration Services


Excel Education and Immigration Services is very clearly targeted at people wishing to study abroad. Based on the pictures when you open their website, the target audience is young people. The countries they focus on include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Uk, Singapore USA as well as European countries. They describe the need for international education to be a ‘necessity’ and go on to say that they can assist with placements at international institutions.

Website & Services


The website displays a bright and inviting design, citing a slideshow of landmarks across the world. Their services are aligned with the needs of someone wishing to study abroad and include: lodging of visa application, assessment of academic credentials, advice, documentation preparation as well as information about available courses. Seeing as Excel focuses primarily on student visas, they have dedicated their site to providing extensive information for prospective students. However, in light of all this information, they fail to mention who their consultants are and if they are accredited RCIC’s, which raises concerns about their credibility. In addition, their website lacks a privacy policy as well as terms and conditions, which are two very important components of any reputable immigration services website. They have a ‘success stories’ tab on their website which is just scanned copies of what appears to be visas stamped for apparent ‘successful’ candidates. This seems dangerous as these candidates' personal details are displayed for everyone to see, once again raising suspicion regarding the legitimacy of this company.

Social Media & Online Review

The website fails to offer links to any of the social media channels of Excel Education and Immigration Services. Upon further research, their Facebook page seems to be quite active, posting a few times a day and having over 30,000 likes. However, their posts of congratulations to successful candidates on Facebook consist of posting apparent official documents of acceptance and visa approvals, which poses a major security risk for the candidates involved, if they are for real. This is not in line with what a professional immigration agency should be doing to prove that they are legitimate. For a page with 30,000 likes, only 12 people recommended Excel Immigration in their ‘reviews’ section which leads us to believe that there is a disconnect here. A twitter account could not be found.



Excel Education and Immigration Services appears to have a vibrant and professional website, but upon closer inspection, it is found to be lacking in more than one aspect of professional immigration service. Failure to provide their privacy policy or terms and conditions on their website, not listing any consultants and failure to mention accredited RCIC’s and posting personal information of their apparent clients were among some of the red flags associated with this company. There is not much to prompt us to recommend them as a reputable company.