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About EM Immigration Consulting

EM Immigration Consulting Inc. is as the name suggests an immigration consultancy, Canadian specific. Elisa Michaud is EM Immigration’s owner and is the company’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member in good standing with the ICCRC. Elise is also recognized by the Ministrere de I’Immigration, de la Diversite et de I’lnclusion (MIDI) as a Quebec immigration consultant, consultant number 11549. The website states; “Owner Elise Michaud is the only person authorized to sign a contract with a client in the name of EM Immigration Consulting. Please be careful and do NOT sign any contract bearing another name.”

Website and Services

EM Immigration’s website is resourceful and rich in great content. The website is easy to navigate and has a comfortable design and consistent theme throughout.  Furthermore, the website is professional and clear and the information provided is informative and well-written. The website of EM Immigration covers all the necessary information on the various visa applications and programs. After thoroughly reading all the information about the different visas in Canada, you are sure to fully understand the ins and outs about each program. The website contains a well-written thought out Privacy Policy as well as a Disclaimer document. We also found that the website is available in French. The website contains most if not all of the company’s accreditations and achievements and we’re more than happy with what we have seen on EM Immigration’s website, they have us almost completely sold. The services EM Immigration render includes the following; Express Entry (Federal Skilled Worker, Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class), Study Permits, Canadian Experience, Federal Skilled Trades, and Provincial Nominee Programs excluding Quebec. However, Quebec immigration includes; Quebec Skilled Workers and Quebec Temporary Worker. EM also offers assistance in the renewal of Canadian Permanent Resident Cards and obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Social Media & Online Review

Links to the social media platforms of EM Immigration can be  found in the footer of the home page on their website. The Facebook account has a really small following of only 177 people. It's not hard to see why, as the last post made was well over a year ago.  Their Twitter account is even worse, having only 20 followers and the last tweet posted in 2016. EM Immigration has really disappointed us with regard to their social media upkeep.


We can affirm that EM Immigration Consulting has regulated ICCRC members and can therefore lawfully advise clients. The company has shown to be sufficient and efficient. EM Immigration has not given us any reason to doubt or question their credibility and legitimacy thus far.