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Elgin Cannon & Associates


Elgin Cannon & Associates was established in 1995 by Christopher Elgin and Douglas Cannon.  Elgin Cannon & Associates is a law firm that focusses on Canadian immigration. Collectively, the team has many decades of experience. Elgin Cannon & Associates deals with Canadian refugee law, immigration and citizenship law. The law firm is able to help you prepare your immigration application, attend immigration hearings and challenge negative decisions in the Federal Court. Christopher Elgin, one of the Partners, has been a member of the British Columbia bar since 1988. Christopher Elgin also worked for the Immigration and Refugee Board for over three years before he left to start his own practice. In 1995, he joined forces with Douglas Cannon.

The Website

The website for Elgin Cannon & Associates is simple and easy to use. They have provided you with very basic information about immigration and we feel that this is a bit disappointing. Elgin Cannon & Associates has also failed to provide some of the important online documentation. There is a privacy policy but there is no refund policy or terms and conditions. There is information on the other associates that practice at Elgin Cannon & Associates with a short bio on each. We do feel that the law firm has tried to make you see that your experience with them is a more personal one.

Social Media

There are no links to any social media platforms of Elgin Canon on their website. If they do have these platforms it is unwise not to have them on the website and pretty much defeats the purpose of its existence.

Our Conclusion


Elgin Cannon & Associates seems to be a legitimate law firm, both partners at the firm are registered with the British Columbia bar. There are a few faults with the website but these can be easily fixed. They need to work on displaying their social media platforms in order to expand the reach to potential customers.