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About Edge Immigration

Edge Immigration stands tall in the industry with a reputation for professionalism, transparency, and a friendly approach. The company prides itself on the expert guidance of its two distinguished RCICs - Edward Ryan and Gaurav Sharma- recognized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).

In addition to this dynamic duo, Edge Immigration has a broad support team working diligently under the supervision of these RCICs to ensure every client receives top-notch service.

Their dedication to service is evident in their impressive 4.5-star rating on Google reviews, a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction. As they are based in Saskatoon, their primary focus lies in paving the path for people aiming to start anew in Saskatchewan, with significant emphasis on the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

While they are highly esteemed online, one can't help but notice the absence of a privacy policy or terms of service on their website, leaving room for potential improvements in demonstrating their legitimacy. Nonetheless, with Edge Immigration at your service, rest assured that your immigration journey will be handled with utmost care and expert guidance.


The Edge Immigration website is a testament to a professional aesthetic, streamlined design, and easy navigation. Each immigration pathway they specialize in is explained through comprehensive and meticulously researched content.

However, this commendable effort pales slightly due to the scarcity of blog entries — a mere three. This deficiency could be effectively tackled by introducing more diverse forms of content like videos and making legal documentation more accessible, furthering their credibility and reach.

The "How we help" section brilliantly encompasses two distinct aspects - their level of expertise and cost-effective services. However, the platform could further benefit from mentions and links to its social media platforms, thereby addressing a wider demographic and promoting more interactive engagement with potential clients.

Their experts' page is notably extensive, highlighting the qualifications of each person on their team, thus creating an environment of trust and reliability for site visitors. In conclusion, Edge Immigration showcases a strong foundation that could massively benefit from fine-tuning content strategy to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions.

The services Edge Immigration extends to people inside and outside Canada. Below are just a few Edge Immigration claims to offer:

  • Evaluation eligibility for permanent residency
  • Express Entry applications
  • Spousal Sponsorship applications
  • SINO skilled worker category applications
  • Work permit application [inside and outside of Canada]
  • Super visa applications
  • Work permit renewals
  • Study permits and renewals
  • Criminal inadmissibility Reviews and opinions
  • Re-entry visa applications
  • PR card renewals
  • Travel document applications and loads and loads more.

Social Media

Edge Immigration, dear friends, is as elusive on social media as a Yeti in the Sahara. They own a LinkedIn page, which has gathered a whopping total of 7 followers. Quite an achievement considering their employee count exceeds that number - quite a puzzling arithmetic. No real posts or content which makes it seem like the purpose of this phantom page is solely to allow their employees to proclaim, "Yes, I work at Edge Immigration" on LinkedIn.

They are sitting on a gold mine of potential advertising prospects, and what do they do? They're simply letting it gather digital dust. It’s puzzling as they’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort on creating a great website, built a knowledgeable team, got their RCICs certified and got their clients to give them a good Google rating, only not to advertise themselves properly.

If Edge Immigration is interested in taking their business to the next level, they must step up their social media presence massively.


In the world of immigration assistance fraught with scams and bad actors, Edge Immigration is a legitimate, professional company you can trust. With their verified RCICs and a large immigration support team, they have carved out a niche for themselves as a Saskatchewan immigration consultancy that's rock-solid as the Canadian Rockies.

Their lack of social media presence and legal documents somewhat tarnishes their stellar presentation. Granted, their services might seem a tad niche, given their keen focus on Saskatchewan.

But hey, if Saskatchewan’s pristine wilderness and friendly folks beckon you, we would Edge Immigration. Their services may appear limited to some, but remember when you aim to be a master of one, you often become the jack of all trades.