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About Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc.

Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc. is an immigration consultancy with its head office based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in an array of different immigration categories. They claim to pride themselves in “efficiency, professionalism and honesty” we’re eager to find out just how true this is. The president of Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc., Alireza Dorostkar is also a member in good standing with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) “which enables him to practice immigration and refugee law in Canada.” Alireza Dorostkar is also a consultant recognized by the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec which means he is also authorized to practice immigration and refugee law in Quebec. He is an Immigration and Refugee Law graduate and his vast knowledge in the immigration industry has been an“invaluable” asset to his clients who claim to receive nothing but the best and most up-to-date advice from him.

Website & Services


Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc.’s website has a professional and minimalistic theme. The use of color and design play a vital role in websites, with poor design resulting in websites losing credibility – this is not the case with Dorostkar Immigration. There was no visible form of the privacy policy or terms and conditions page on this website, which is crucial when rendering a service, to cover both your company and the client. The website is available in two languages. The services Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc. has to offer is:

  • Skilled workers
  • Business category
  • Study permit
  • Family sponsorship
  • Provincial nominee
  • Quebec Skilled Worker
  • Super Visa
  • Assessments for skilled workers and business people

Social Media & Online Review


We could not find any social media profiles for Dorostkar Immigration which is unfortunate as we would like to get a feel of what they’re like online. Their online reputation is pretty much non-existent with no Google reviews and no social profiles. If we’re to base everything on what we’ve seen on their website, we can say that Dorostkar Immigration is a pleasure online.



We can affirm that Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc. is lawfully able to assist with your immigration procedure as Mr. Dorostkar has an abundance of immigration knowledge and is a regulated ICCRC member and immigration law graduate. We may not have presented with much but we have no reason to question their credibility.