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About Diamond Immigration

Diamond Immigration is an immigration consultant that claims to have over 26 years of experience in the Canadian immigration industry. They have their head offices in Toronto, Ontario and offer varying immigration services to Canada which are handled by ‘immigration experts’ who they say is in good standing with the ICCRC. However, they fail to name these experts or list their RCIC numbers, which is quite concerning.

Website and Services


Although it’s the first point of contact, the website of Diamond Immigration seems rather basic, flat and neglected. The website is neat and professional though it provides very little information on how one can register. They should, however, be commended for their FAQ’s page which has provided articulate and well-informed responses to sensitive questions particularly in regards to refunds and costs. It has shown they have done their homework and made sure their clients know their charges beforehand. Diamond immigration deals mainly in three services, Skilled Worker Programs, Business Immigration Programs, and Permanent Residence Programs, they also claim to provide job placements for their clients, in hospitality, retail, food services, mining, construction, and many others. While this is commendable and sounds good we feel they could have gone further to mention one or two recruiters who they successfully provided employees with. This could improve their image and erase other issues of legitimacy.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Diamond Immigration can be found at the bottom of the homepage on their website. The Facebook page has a steady following of just over 1,000 people. However, this account is extremely outdated, the last post made was January 2015. The same goes for their Twitter page, with the last activity taking place on December 2014. This is rather concerning and leaves us wondering whether the company is still active or not.


Diamond Immigration seems to fairly knowledgeable and knows what it’s doing but they have done little to enhance their reputation in regards to their presence and more importantly their missing ICCRC registration numbers. Their website needs a lot of work in terms of being up to date as does their social media platforms as a four-year absence is very strange at this level.