Agency Reviews


About Crightney Immigration Inc.

Crightney Immigration Inc. is a Canadian immigration company that is based in Brampton, Ontario. However, there isn’t much information that is provided on the website about this immigration company. It took us quite a lot of searching to find out who the RCIC agent is because it is not listed anywhere on the About Us page or the Why Choose Us page which we found quite strange. There is also talk about Crightney Immigration having an RCIC agent and being in good standing with the ICCRC. Who is this RCIC agent? The only name that we found on the entire website was on the Blog page and the name we found was Batalmea Crightney. We assume that Batalmea Crightney is the owner of the company. We found his RCIC number when we did an agent search on the ICCRC website. Batalmea Crightney does check out as a legitimate RCIC agent and his RCIC number is R509046.

The Website and Services

The website for Crightney Immigration is very basic and besides the information that is provided about the various immigration agencies, there is a lot of content that is repetitive and empty. There is a Know Canada Videos page that has six different videos about Canada, but none of the videos are related to Crightney Immigration. The services that Crightney Immigration offers is extensive and includes most of the visa’s pertaining to Canadian immigration.


Social Media and Reviews

Links to the social media platforms of Crightey Immigration can be found in the footer of the website. The Facebook page has a good following of just under 9,000 people. The posts pertaining to Canadian immigration are very regular which is good. There are many positive reviews present on the Facebook page. 


There are terms and conditions and privacy policy but there is no refund policy that is worrisome. The lack of important information on the Crightney Immigration website and the slating of the CIC makes us question the legitimacy of Crightney Immigration Inc. There are positive reviews about Batalmea Crightney on Facebook and his clients sounded genuinely happy about the service that they received. If you have dealt with Crightney Immigration Inc. please leave a review below.