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About Canvisas


Canvisas is a Canadian based immigration consultancy, offering services to individuals in Canada and overseas. Focusing on “personalized services” they claim to have helped hundreds of clients from all over the world through the ever complex Canadian immigration process, many of whom are now permanent residents in Canada. The Canvisa team is head by Pedro Centeno, a University of Alberta graduate and a member in good standing with the ICCRC, boasting almost 10 years of experience in Canadian immigration and human resources. The rest of the team is made up of former citizenship and immigration Canada officers.

Website & Services

Canvisas website appeals to the average person as the layout is simple yet very effective. It is easy to navigate this website because of its clear display with nothing that appears to be too technical. The site is available in both Spanish and English which leads us to believe that they are appealing to Spanish-speaking regions such as Mexico. The color scheme is relevant and professional.  and there are 6 tabs, 3 in English and 3 in Spanish. The website is heavily lacking in content and fail to produce a privacy policy and terms and conditions documentation, which are both incredibly important Canvisas offers an array of immigration services such as; study and visitor visas, work permits and visas, permanent residence, corporate services in applications for the Labor Market Impact, Temporary Foreign Worker and further assistance in visa and permit applications.

Social Media & Online Review

Canvisas has a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account, all accessible from its website. Their Twitter profile is in a really good condition as it is well maintained, though not updated regularly. The good upkeep of the account shows by a number of followers they have which is an impressive amount for an immigration company. The same goes for the Facebook profile, their social media accounts are pretty well taken care of. The majority of the posts posted on their Facebook timeline are in Spanish but there are many English posts too.  On their Facebook profile, there are 18 reviews with 15 of them being5 stars. These reviews are filled with praise reports on how sufficient the company is. Canvisas overall online reputation is a clean and respectable one and it speaks greatly on behalf of the company.


Based on all we have seen, we can confirm that Canvisasare regulated ICCRC members and are therefore eligible to legally assist you in immigration matters. We would like to see more in-depth information and more content on the website in the future as well as the two important documents (privacy policy & terms and conditions). Other than that we have no reason to doubt their credibility or doubt their legitimacy as they seem to be equipped with everything needed to proactively assist you with your immigration endeavors.