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About CanDo Canadian Immigration Services

CanDo Canadian Immigration Services is both an immigration service and a company that manages businesses investing in Canadian companies. They are based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and offer services to people hoping to work, learn, visit, or invest in Canadian businesses. I.A. (Marshall) Dowla is the founder and owner of CanDo Canadian Immigration Services. Marshall Dowla says his company has over 20 years of experience but doesn’t say what year CanDo was first established. The About Us page says that Jamie Dowal, the Vice President, is in charge of the immigration side of the business. It states that he is an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). However, on the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) registry, their only registered RCIC is Winnie Chung. There is no mention of Winnie Chung on their website, nor any mention of the CCIC. They are, however, recognized as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau.

Website and Services

CanDo Canadian Immigration Services' website is simple and looks a little outdated. They have relatively well-researched content but are only uploaded once or twice a month. They also have various pages covering the different Canadian visas and immigration plans.

They have a privacy policy but not terms of service, which questions their integrity. The fact that they do not have one shows they lack transparency. Some articles have clear links to certain page information, but the data is not highly detailed. There are no additional sources or internal links on these pages. CanDo also has a few grammatical errors in their work, but the content is still readable. There is no terms and conditions or privacy policy present on their website. CanDo says they offer the following assistance:

  • Skilled Worker Program
  • Skilled Trades Program
  • Provincial Nomination Program
  • Express Entry
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Business Immigrant and investor programs
  • And student study visas

CanDo gives basic information on how to apply for these programs or visas but does not go into great detail with some of the required parts of the application process.

Social Media

CanDo Canadian Immigration Services' social media is very limited. They claim to have platforms on YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, it becomes relatively clear upon investigation that their social media presence is a weak point in the company. Their relatively inactive YouTube channel, with only six videos and no new content for over a year, seems to exist primarily to provide introductory video content for their website. Their presence on Instagram and Facebook is entirely inaccessible, which detracts from their overall credibility as it could mean they have been banned from each platform. The absence of these social platforms is a missed opportunity for growth and expansion in their digital outreach.

However, they are highly active on Twitter, showcasing CanDo's ability to regularly release social media content covering important Canadian immigration issues, such as Express Entry draws or their website content. They are even more active on Linkedin, with detailed, almost daily posts. This begs the question of why they can release such content on one platform but are completely incapable of maintaining others. 

This clearly detracts from their legitimacy as a professional immigration firm and limits their exposure to a thriving immigration market.


CanDo seems to be an average site with very limited social media. While seemingly have a legitimate RCIC, they do nothing to promote her, or her services. Furthermore, their social media is behind, and much of their web content is outdated and could be polished. Overall, this seems like a legitimate company, but unless you plan to move specifically to Kelowna, British Columbia, we would recommend you utilize some of the more obviously legitimate immigration agencies we've reviewed on this site.