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About CanAsia Immigration Consulting Services Ltd

CanAsia Immigration Consulting Services Ltd. is an immigration and education settlement organization. CanAsia specializes in immigration and education services and they claim to be the world’s largest immigration company. CanAsia’s main office is in Vancouver, British Columbia but they have branches in major cities in India. The company was established in 1996 and once again, CanAsia claims to be the most successful, credible immigration company of its kind. CanAsia has over 15 years of experience. There is a message from the Managing Director, but there is no mention of what the Managing Director’s name is. There is a seal for the ICCRC with an RCIC number displayed there, R407671, but there is no name provided. We searched on the ICCRC’s website and found that the number belongs to Rupinder Batth.

The Website

The website for CanAsia Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. is simple and easy to use, but there are a few issues that we found with the website. Firstly, the website is not secure, which is not acceptable considering that clients are expected to load sensitive information on the site. Secondly, CanAsia Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. has failed to provide any important online documentation like privacy policy, refund policy, and terms and conditions. The website provides information regarding some immigration programs and visas such as the Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Programs, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Business Visas as well as student and tourist visas. The information provided about studying in Canada is helpful and interesting. One thing that we did find interesting is the point that CanAsia made about studying in Canada being “inexpensive”, which it is not. In many articles, people are told to prepare for the expenses of studying at a Canadian college. There is also a list of Canadian, Australian and New Zealand universities for you to choose from.  They offer extra services such as language training for the IELTS. They also offer pre and post landing services however the pages are both empty. The website has a link to a blog however it does not lead anywhere.

Social Media

There are social media links from the website for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. The Facebook account was created in 2010 and has over 43,000 likes. There are regular posts to the page, with a few videos posted of people getting their visas. We were however disappointed to find that the review page was disabled. The Twitter account has a disappointing 7 followers and 171 tweets since its first post on the 8th of April 2015. The Tweets are relatively regular however stopped at the end of January 2019. The Youtube channel has 62 subscribers with a total of 4 videos which are all testimonials. The Instagram account has 252 followers and its posts are similar to that on their Facebook page. The user interaction is moderate and the content seems to be mainly testimonials and adverts.

Our Conclusion

CanAsia Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. seems to be a trustworthy immigration company. They have an RCIC in good standing with the ICCRC, have plenty of client testimonials, a good Facebook presence and useful immigration and visa information on their website. There is however room for improvement regarding the design and general functionality of the website, proving a secure website for clients to use as well as focusing on their other social media platforms. If you have used CanAsia Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. please leave a review below and tell us about your experience.