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About Canadim Global Immigration Law Firm

Canadim Global Immigration  Law Firm is a Canadian immigration law firm operating out of Montreal, Quebec. The firm is regarded as the “most respected” immigration law firm in Canada. Most of Canadim’s clients lie outside of Canada and because of this, they have a respectable reputation all over the world. Attorney Renaud Dery is the managing partner of the firm with over 16 years’ experience in the industry. Renaud is also a member of the Quebec Bar Association as well as the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association. Dery also holds a Civil and Common Law degree in law from King’s College London in England.

Website & Services

Canadim has an exquisite website that is both easy to navigate and tech-savvy in the best way. The color choice and use of imagery are near perfect. They make use of animations and it is very clear that this company realizes just how important your online presence is and we can truly applaud them for the efforts shown. The website contains a blog which is well set out and filled with information. The website does contain an in-depth Privacy Policy ensuring clients that their personal information will remain personal, among other things. Candim offers an array of different services in immigration such as Express Entry, Quebec skilled worker program, Quebec Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Family Sponsorship, investor class immigration. This includes visitors visas, work and study permits and super visas for parents and grandparents among other services. a free eligibility assessment is also readily available on their website.

Social Media & Online Review

The links to the social media platforms of Canadim can be found on the home page of their website. Their Facebook has a massive following of over 880,000 people. This definitely speaks to the legitimacy of the firm. There are posts every day, all pertaining to Canadian immigration. They are also very responsive to the comments on these posts and there are many positive reviews on their Facebook page. This positive image is apparent across all social media platforms.


Canadim Global Immigration Law Firm seems to be everything they claim to be. Their company appears to represent everything clients would be looking for when starting their immigration process. We were not given any reason to question their legitimacy.